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Floor decals are showing up everywhere! With a wide variety of sizes, shapes and colors, it’s easy to understand why custom floor decals are used in so many areas. Floor stickers are easy to put in place, they don’t need a lot of material or block physical access like other types of signs. Floor stickers are fast becoming one of the best ways to communicate in a business or public space.

Floor stickers are cost effective and elegant way to direct traffic and highlight business features such as sales. Floor graphics such as floor stickers are an adhesive ground marking that can be placed inside as well as outside. Discover the many variations of floor stickers by reading more.

Floor stickers designed for rough surfaces that are subject to temperature variations. Even more so than banners. Floor stickers are mainly found in the form of tapes, stripes and signs in the road or walkways. But they’re also found in various other contexts such as:

  • Sports halls
  • Markings at trade fairs
  • Warehouse or retail floor markings
  • Business premises decoration
  • Directional marking

Floor stickers are simple, easy and quick to install. custom floor decals are the perfect answer to any display need. Available in a multitude of patterns, you can adapt custom floor decals to almost any décor. Whether for kitchen, bathroom, or professional premises like hotel or school floors. They can sometimes complete some wall decals and floor decals. There are plenty of possibilities for every budget.

Mat, glossy, plain or patterned, the combinations are endless. The sticker is also very practical for professional and commercial uses. In times of pandemic, stickers make your customers respect safety distances. Learn more about the different kinds of social distancing stickers here.

What are the advantages of a floor sticker?

Floor marking with self-adhesives is the ideal solution to meet your various needs. The installation of a sticker is both quick and easy. You have to place the sticker where you want it and that’s it. It’s easier and faster to use than spray paint. It requires more time to dry but also more means with stencils to apply the desired message.


Clearance floor sticker

With a sticker, you are sure to have a neat result to enhance the customer experience. To make the marking of your floors effective, the adhesive is visible. It is easy to distinguish because of its good size and its bright and vivid colors. To reinforce the message you wish to convey, you can complete your floor signage with panels.

Thanks to clear and precise symbols, you are able to deliver the right message. Everything simplifies the information as much as possible. Everyone has to understand it. The laminated vinyl decals are highly-resistant despite the many solicitations. This allows you to establish a long-lasting marking. These stickers are also anti-slip to avoid the risks of slipping. Our stickers are all designed for indoor use on a smooth and clean surface. They’re made of a waterproof, walkable material.

Effective means of communication

The floor sticker is an effective means of communication and interior signage. Adhesive vinyl has many advantages:

  • Long life
  • Good mechanical resistance
  • Easy installation

Labels and stickers are a cheap solution to display your name and develop your notoriety. This original communication support helps you stand out from the competition. Use the floor space for your promotional messages or in-store signage. It’s resistant to repeated pedestrian traffic. You can even put it on a carpet.

Features and types of floor stickers

Adhesive floor coverings, adhesive PVC or vinyl floors are innovative coverings. They distinguish themselves by their ease of installation. They are generally presented in the form of thin strips. To simplify its installation, the back of the adhesive floor has a layer of glue wrapped in a film. It’s removed at the time of installation. You can find adhesive floors for permanent gluing.

Floor Sticker Arrows

Industrial interior marking

Interior floor markings in warehouses and industrial environments can be used to:

  • Provide information
  • Mark out areas
  • Remind people of safety instructions

Industrial adhesive marking has two purposes. To optimize the visual management and organize the premises. It’s a technique of LEAN management. It allows many advantages on the long term:

  • Reinforced safety
  • Increase of the productivity
  • Saving of time

There are different solutions to mark the floors. Colored markings and the use of acronyms or symbols are easily understood by all. These adhesive markings must be resistant to the passage of people and machines. They must also be resistant to dust, oils and greasy liquids that may be on the ground.

Adhesive tapes and marking strips

These adhesive markings are generally offered with a yellow/black crosshatch. It’s a color that represents the industrial environment. It indicates a sensitive area or space.

You can apply adhesive tapes on smooth or irregular surfaces. It can be concrete, non-slip metal floors. These tapes are now used to:

  • To delimit safety zones
  • To mark out paths to be strictly respected
  • To show locations for the storage of equipment

Collage of different industrial floor stickers

Reflective and photoluminescent adhesive markings

Floor stickers with reflective and photoluminescent properties are very useful for safety markings. They ensure perfect visibility. They’re used to:

  • Create markings on the ground
  • Identify emergency exits
  • Find the emergency stairs in case of power failure and emergency evacuation

For the photoluminescent adhesive to stick to the floor, the surface has to be dry, smooth and clean.

Adhesive signs for floor marking

Many signs and floor panels are available for the interior marking of warehouses. The pictograms represented on the adhesives are easily recognizable. It can be the presence of a forklift truck, the danger of electricity or the prohibited direction. You can apply them in all indoor environments, dry or humid. They resist extreme temperatures.

To mark shelves or specific locations, the adhesive signs are also available in:

  • Simple angle
  • Rounded angle
  • T shape
  • Triangle
  • Cross
  • Circle

All these markers create a color code for marking. They provide information to the people concerned. There is also a range of adhesive letters and numbers. You can inscribe messages on the ground and to codify stocks. These will save time in the search for a product location for example.

Interior marking for stores and businesses

More and more used in a commercial shop, the adhesive markings allow to:

  • Delimit spaces
  • Manage the flow of customers
  • Remind the sanitary instructions to follow in the event of the pandemic crisis.

Adhesive tapes and signs for floor signage

You can use adhesive tapes and signs to show the direction of traffic, or to specify information. In some businesses, they can notify the confidentiality zone for customers to respect. Such a situation is often found in banks. There is a wide variety of tape widths, colors, logos or floor tapes. With or without text and with or without personalization.

Ground markings for social distancing

Since the Covid-19 outbreak, all businesses need to maintain safe distances between customers. To help with this, there are many adhesive floor markings. Those can be square, round, with text or pictograms only. Social distancing floor stickers are fast and easy to put in place. They don’t need to stop your activity during the installation.

Permanent outdoor marking

You can make outdoor road markings with adhesives. We often imagine that it is only about road paints. But for certain realizations the adhesives of ground are very much used. They have many advantages and their implementation is fast.

The Stamark floor markings

Stamark’s range of floor adhesives offers different models of adhesives. It includes arrows, strips, and others. These outdoor adhesives are NF2 compliant.

Thanks to their revolutionary adhesive, Stamark markings offer a long-lasting permanent marking. And this in both urban and suburban environments. The floor tapes are often made of a polyurethane coating with checkerboard relief. It’s covered with ceramic microcrystalline beads for the best retroreflection.

Chart of different services floor stickers can be applied to

You can use adhesive markings for crosswalks, stop signs, and also for bus stop markings. Stamark’s self-adhesive floor markings offer many advantages:

  • Quick and time-saving. No need for training, road put back into service right after installation.
  • Safety. Optimal visibility in all weathers, day and night, faster installation. Safer for the agents.
  • Durability. Stamark floor adhesives resist 1 million wheel passes, average life span of 10 years.
  • More environmentally friendly: no solvents that are harmful to floors.

Adhesive logos and symbols

The adhesive signs can be also made of preformed resin. These are perfectly adapted for horizontal road signs. They are 5 to 10 times more resistant than road paint.

The high durability adhesive is anti-slip. The installation remains fast and easy and does not need specific tools. There are many adhesive signs for road marking, whether it is:

  • To show a speed limit in urban areas
  • To show the presence of a school to reinforce safety
  • To show a greenway or a delivery zone

School games flooring 

To brighten up schoolyards, municipalities can opt for adhesive floor games. For this type of solution, it is necessary to apply an activator for a better adhesion of the stickers.

These games are made of preformed resin. They have an ultra-powerful adhesive system ideal for outdoor use. The adhesive games for the floor are quick to apply and do not need extra materials. This is not the case for unlike stencil paints or heat-sealable resins.

Social Distancing floor stickers at an office

Stamark temporary markings

Road markings are an essential element of safety during road works. Without road markings, road users have more difficulty following a direction. Traffic can be disrupted, and sources of danger increase. Even in a construction area, it’s essential to ensure the safety of everyone.

During the implementation of work, the permanent markings in place should get erased. They have to make way for temporary markings. Once the work is completed, these temporary markings must be all removed. And this without leaving any traces that could be harmful to users.

Stamark has a design of temporary yellow markings. They follow all standards for use on roadways. They are innovative, can be applied quickly and easily. Ready to use, the temporary marking strips are applicable under cold conditions. Without chemical product or material. It’s possible to make axes, edge lines, and temporary crosswalks. You can also mask old tracings thanks to a black masking adhesive.

The advantages of temporary adhesive markings are the following:

  • Quick reading and visibility from a great distance
  • More safety for the road agents because the installation is fast and ready to use.
  • Cost control – no deterioration of the roadway, easy manual removal
  • Less inconvenience for traffic – immediate reopening, no traffic problems

Bike lane markings

For bicycle paths and greenways, it can be interesting to use temporary signage. They allow people to mark out the zone dedicated to the circulation of the bicycles. They’re faster to set up than the painting with stencil. This one requires a time of drying or the thermo adhesive markings necessary to heat. The adhesives are stuck directly on the roadway.

Just like for school games, you should use a ground activator with a roller. Dot it  at the time of the sticking of the adhesive element. This will guarantee a better adherence.

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