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They always make Guess? look good.

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Frequently Asked Questions about professional large format printing services

What is large format printing?

Large format printing refers to the process of printing graphics, images, and text on large surfaces, such as banners, posters, trade show displays, and billboards. It uses specialized printers that can handle larger rolls of paper or other materials and print at high resolutions.

For more information  about this topic visit “Understanding Large Format Printing: A Comprehensive Guide” where you will find everything you need to know about this kind of printing service.

What types of materials can be used for large format printing?
Large format printing can be done on a variety of materials, including paper, vinyl, fabric, and even metal or glass. The choice of material depends on the intended use and the desired durability and finish of the final product.
What is the resolution of large format prints?
The resolution of large format prints can vary depending on the type of printer and the material being used. However, most large format printers can produce high-quality prints with resolutions of up to 1440×1440 dpi or higher.
How long does it take to print a large format print?
The time it takes to print a large format print can vary depending on the size of the print, the complexity of the design, and the type of printer being used. However, most large format prints can be produced in a relatively short amount of time, typically within a few hours or days.
How are large format prints finished?
Large format prints can be finished in a variety of ways, depending on the intended use and desired durability of the final product. Options include lamination, mounting, and framing.
Are large format prints durable?
Yes, large format prints can be very durable, especially when they are printed on high-quality materials and finished with protective coatings or laminates. They are also UV resistant, which means they will not fade easily.

While there were lower bids for our barricades, we chose platon because of their quality, service, and ability to meet our deadlines. They always make Guess? look good.

Diane Busch

Guess? Inc.

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If you’re looking for new and innovative ways to stand out from the competition, you might have thought about using large format printing to make a big impact.

Large-format prints are a great way to grab attention and get your message across. They’re eye-catching and professional, and they can be used for a variety of purposes.

As a business owner, you know that it is important to stand out from the competition. You may have tried different methods of advertising, such as television or radio commercials, but have you considered large format printing? Large format printing is a great way to grab attention and make an impression. Large format printing services are available from many companies, both online and offline. These services can produce high-quality prints for banners, posters, trade show displays, and more. It’s important to compare prices and quality before choosing a provider that meets your needs.

Here are three reasons why you should consider using large format printing for your business.

1) Large-format prints are eye-catching and draw attention.
2) They can be used to create a powerful visual impact.
3) They are perfect for branding purposes. If you want to make a statement and stand out from the competition, consider using large format printing.

I bet you’ve noticed advertisements on billboards before. Billboards are large, attention-grabbing and they can be seen from a distance. With large format printing, you can create the same type of ad to put outside your business or around town. You could even make an eye-catching banner for special events or sales in your store windows.

The Best Resolution For Large Format Printing – 2022

Large format printing can be used for many different types of signage. The signs are often used in the outside area, like billboards and posters at events. They’re also used indoors as wall murals, banners, and more. Some of the popular types of large format printing include:

  • Billboards

  • Indoor and outdoor signs (such as vinyl banners)

  • Dimensional letters

  • Vehicle graphics (wraps and clings)

The Ideal Resolution For Large Format Printing – 2022

There are several different kinds of businesses that will use large format printing. Some of the most popular include:


  • Outdoor advertising companies

  • Sign makers

  • Vehicle graphics companies (for car wraps and truck clings)

  • Commercial printers

Large format printing process

The large format printing process consists of several steps that need to be accurate for the printing process to go smoothly. The first step is designing it, then comes plotting of sheets which are used on printers. After plotting large format printing can begin but first, there must be some adjustments made so each print will have the same quality, color, and size. After these adjustments are made the printer is ready to begin printing on large pieces of material, in most cases this will be vinyl sheets. The last step in the large format printing process for larger prints is lamination which helps protect your sign from weather conditions and outdoor elements.

Large-format prints can be created using several different processes. Here is a look at the two most common methods:

    • Offset printing
    • Digital printing

Both offset and digital printing are great for creating large format prints, but there are benefits to each method. It will usually depend on your specific needs as to which process you use for your large format prints.

Offset printing

Offset printing is an ideal process for creating long-run, high-volume projects that require extremely fine detail and color reproduction. Offset prints are cost-effective when you’re looking to print large quantities of signs or banners. This type of printing requires a plate to be created on the computer, which is then attached to the printing press. The plate transfers ink to the printing surface, then it is used to transfer images onto large materials like vinyl banners and outdoor signs.

Offset printers are available in both small and large formats for your convenience. Large format offset printers can print at sizes up to 8 feet wide! Plus, these big machines usually create high-quality prints that look great.

Digital printing

When you need a single or small quantity of large format prints, digital printing is a cost-effective option to consider. This method of print requires the image to be laser printed directly onto large printing sheets using liquid ink or toner. With this method, you can create custom vinyl banners, dimensional letters, and more for your business.

Like offset printing, digital printers are available in both large and smaller sizes for your convenience. Plus, digital printing usually has faster turnaround times than offset printing processes. This means you can get more prints faster.

What are large format printers used for?

Some of the most popular applications for large format printing include:


    • Outdoor advertising companies

    • Sign makers

    • Vehicle graphics companies (for car wraps and truck clings)

    • Commercial printers

    • Vinyl Banners

    • Murals

    • Wallpaper

    • Signage

    • Billboards

    • Wall Hangings

    • Window Art

    • Special event

    • Yard Signs

    • Family photos

    • Art Prints

Each of these applications can be used to reach a specific target market. For example, if you’re a restaurant owner

looking to attract more customers, you may want to consider billboard printing. This type of advertising is very effective and can generate a lot of exposure for your business.


In addition to outdoor advertising, large format printing is also used for indoor advertising. For example, retail spaces and shopping centers often use large digital prints and posters to attract customers and increase sales.

The benefits of using a large format printer include:

    • Large Format Printers Create Higher quality Results
    • A Large-Format Printer produces crisp and accurate colors, every time
    • Large-Format Printers Are Great For Vivid, Detailed Images
    • Large – Format Printers Make Better presentation, inside or outside your business
    • A Large – Format Printer makes a more professional image that can attract and retain customers

Printers types used in large format printing

Flatbed printer. is a type of computer printer that prints on a horizontal surface. This type of printer usually has a platen, or flatbed, on which the document or image is placed to be printed. The ink is then transferred from the print head to the paper or other substrate.


Roll printer. are a type of digital printer that prints on a continuous roll of paper. This type of printer is often used for printing large-format posters, banners, and other signage.

Aqueous printers. Are a type of digital printer that prints images onto paper using water-based ink. This type of printer is often used for printing high-quality photos.

High-end digital press. Is a large format digital printer capable of commercial printing in very large formats, such as signage or posters

Inkjet Printers. Are a type of digital printer that creates images by spraying tiny ink droplets onto the paper or other surface. This type of printer is often used for printing large format posters or fine art prints.

How much does large format printing cost?

Several different factors can affect the cost of doing large-format printing. Some of these include:


    • The size of the printer
    • How many pages will need to be large format printed or reprinted
    • The type and quantity of ink
    • Paper stock (thicker stock = more expensive)

For more information about how much large format printing costs, visit or call  (310) 227-8027

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We’re the best in the business at creating custom printed graphics. Our team of designers and printers will work with you to create exactly what you want for your business, whether it’s a window decal or even an entire truck wrap. Let us help promote your brand.

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FAQs about large format printing

What types of large format printing technologies are available?

Large format printing in today’s age is done with large format printers that can print directly onto different substrates & materials, such as:


    • Large format paper printing
    • Large format vinyl printing
    • Large format plastic printing
    • Large format Polyester CPF printing
    • Large format eco-Board XP printing
    • Large format PVC signboard printing
    • Large format vinyl wrap printing
    • Large format metal printing
    • Large format fabric printing
    • Large format textile printing
    • Large format wood printing
    • Large format aluminum printing
    • Large format eco-Board XP printing
    • Large format panel printing
    • Large format Adhesive Vinyl printing
    • Large format Canvas printing
    • Large format Foam Board printing
    • Large format Glass printing
    • Large format Corrugated Plastic printing
    • Large format Cloth printing

There are several different types of large-format printing, including:

    • Large format (lithography) prints
    • Large digital prints (similar to photo prints)

The most popular method for large format printing is lithography. This is the process in which a design or image is printed onto a flat surface with oil ink. Each work is then covered in a layer of oil, and the surface is scraped with a lithograph tool. As the name implies, this method uses stones as its base (instead of paper).

What dpi for large format printing?

It varies depending on the specific project. Generally speaking, anything from 240-300 dpi is enough to achieve a high-quality print.

How do large format printers work?

The large format printer works by forcing liquid ink or toner through an opening onto the material that’s being printed. The opening used to force the ink is typically referred to as a “drop-on-demand” system because it uses piezoelectric crystals in order to produce the required amount of pressure needed for

What makes a print from a large format printer so different from the typical small business printing?

For the design to work well on such a big scale, it has to be able to convey elements clearly and have an impact on its line weight and composition.
Generally speaking, there are four elements of that style of design that work well with large format printing needs.


They are:

    • Use fewer colors on your print because you won’t have room for gradients or lighter shades of the color you’re using. Also, avoid overprinting on your designs since it can lead to blurry lines.
    • Black and white designs work best with large format printing because of reduced ink usage, which drives down cost. In many cases, the only colors that are used in a black and white print are a spot color for text and single spot color on a given image. But if you use a very light spot color or image on a dark background, the resulting print may have a halo around it that’s caused by ink bleeding into non-covered areas.
    • The text should be large enough to read from across the room, but not so big that you can barely fit anything on your design without losing legibility. For your text to work best on large format printing, ensure that it is custom cut to fit your design’s background. In other words, if part of the text is cut off due to the length of it, you don’t want to leave those gaps on your print.
    • In general, any design that you want to use for a large format printing project should be a scale or a vector file.

What type of materials can be used in large format printing?

There are three main types of printable products that can be used in large format printing: rigid, semi-rigid, and soft goods. Each one is ideal for certain kinds across large format printing and is worth exploring based on the needs of your design.

Rigid materials:

are ideal for flat, two-dimensional designs that need to be printed onto a material that won’t bend or otherwise warp during production. The most common forms of rigid material used in large format printing include:

    • Acrylic (acrylate)
    • Plexiglass (acrylic)
    • Plastic PVC
    • Foamcore or Gator board (corrugated card board)
    • Card board

Semi-rigid materials:

are ideal for designs that need to be installed onto a curved surface, but not so complex that they require the more expensive flexible materials.

The most common forms of semi-rigid material used in large format printing include:

    • Banners
    • Canvas
    • Foamcore or Gator board (corrugated card board)
    • Mesh banners

Soft goods:   are ideal for designs that need to be placed onto a complex curved surface where there is a specific need to stretch and flex.

The most common forms of soft goods used in large format printing include:

    • Canvas
    • Vinyl banners or decals
    • Fabric banners or flags

Two main methods can be used to print onto each type of material: digital and screen printing, both of which are detailed below.

Digital printing:

refers to the process of transferring image data directly onto a printable medium, such as paper or plastic. As one of the most popular forms of large format printing, it is often used for short-run jobs and small business marketing campaigns.
Screen printing:
refers to the process of using a mesh screen as a stencil to block ink in specific areas of a design, which is then transferred onto a printable surface through the use of pressure.

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