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Renee Frangella

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They assume responsibility for the whole process including installation. Our graphics look amazing and they have raised the bar for our whole enterprise.

Heather Popadych

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While there were lower bids for our barricades, we chose platon because of their quality, service, and ability to meet our deadlines.

They always make Guess? look good.

Diane Busch

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Window Wrap Frequently Asked Questions

What are window wraps?

Window wraps are a type of large format graphic that is installed on the glass surfaces of buildings, specifically windows. Some key things to know about window wraps include:

  • They are made from perforated self-adhesive vinyl films that allow some visibility and light transmission while also displaying graphics, messaging, or advertising.
  • Window wraps can cover entire windows or doors and are often custom designed and printed to fit the exact dimensions of the glass surfaces they will be applied to.
  • They can provide privacy, such as for conference rooms, while still allowing some light in. They can transform spaces or display brand messaging.
  • Window wrap graphics are a popular marketing and advertising tool for retail stores, restaurants, corporate offices, trade show booths, and other businesses looking to attract attention or communicate their brand identity.
  • The wraps are semi-permanent and designed for easy application and removal when needed, without leaving residue on the glass. They are more economical than etched glass.
How much do window wraps cost?

The cost of window wraps can vary greatly depending on several factors:

  • Size & Scope – The dimensions of the glass surfaces to be covered and the number of windows or doors wrapped will significantly impact the cost. Full building wraps or high-rise installations cost more.
  • Design Complexity – Simple solid colors or basic shapes and text are far less expensive than complex artwork, photography, illustrations that require more design time.
  • Materials – Optically clear wraps that allow maximum visibility start at a higher cost than opaque colored wraps or films with small perforations.
  • Installation – Basic ground floor window wraps will require less equipment, time and labor than an upper story high-rise installation requiring lifts/scaffolding.
  • Location – In areas with a higher cost of living like Los Angeles, window wrap pricing tends to be higher compared to other regions.

A general ballpark range for window wrap pricing starts around $9 per square foot for ground level full wrap windows, perforated window film will cost a little more. Installations higher off the ground will incur costs such as lifts. Design work will start at $300 and could go anywhere from there. Most typical small retail window wraps cost $500-1500 depending on the variables. Quotes are usually specific to each unique project.

How long do window wraps last?
  • Window wraps can last anywhere from 6 months to over 5 years, with an average lifespan of around 3 years, depending on several factors:
  • Vinyl Material Quality – Higher grade vinyl films last significantly longer. Cheaper films become brittle and peel faster. Optically clear films have shorter lifespans.
  • Application & Installation – Professionally installed window wraps using proper preparation and techniques will maximize durability. Improper applications fail prematurely.
  • Climate & Exposure – Wraps in hot climates or facing extreme weather conditions may deteriorate faster than wraps in mild environments protected from sun, heat and wind.
  • Location & Accessibility – Wraps installed at street level experience more wear than high-rise wraps. Easy access increases vandalism risks.
  • Graphic Content – Simple solid colors or basic shapes often outlast complex photographic images or color gradients.
  • Maintenance – Periodic cleaning, repairs of damage from minor scrapes or debris extend the lifespan.
  • Removability – Some facility managers remove wraps after 1-2 years to update messaging or graphics.

While 3 years is typical, well-produced wraps on protected surfaces can achieve up to 5+ years. Lower budgets may dictate shorter term 6-12 month paper-based graphics. Setting realistic durability expectations helps determine optimal materials and installation methods.

Can you reuse window wraps?

Yes, it is often possible to reuse window wraps, with some limitations:

  • The window wrap’s adhesive is designed for one application, so the original vinyl wrap itself cannot simply be removed and re-adhered.
  • However, depending on the material quality and aging, the vinyl may still be in good, flexible condition so that a new replacement adhesive can be applied to the backside and the graphic can be installed again.
  • The condition of the vinyl and the complexity of the window wrap design determine if recycling it is suitable or cost-effective. Simpler wraps may be candidates for reuse whereas intricate shapes show more wear.
  • Just like initially installing wraps, reusing them still requires an expert installer to precisely apply the new adhesive and smoothly adhere the vinyl without bubbling or ripples which accelerate deterioration.
  • Typically, only sections of large wraps can be reused, with any parts that developed tears, rips or brittleness being replaced by new printed vinyl. These sections would need to be matched precisely.

So in the right circumstances, reusing a window wrap by expertly applying fresh adhesive can extend its lifespan. But often, investing in an entirely new window wrap is the preferred approach to ensure visual continuity and maximum durability without the risks or limitations of reusing older vinyl.

While there were lower bids for our window wraps, we chose Platon because of their quality, service, and ability to meet our deadlines. They always make Guess? look good.

Diane Busch

Guess? Inc.