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Custom Window Decal – the best option for business winners

Window decals are ideally a business winner! They’ll help you get more customers. These are graphics, images, or printed letters, which upon cutting them, are placed on any type of glass or window surface. They’re an all-time business favorite. They’re an enticing and easy way to upgrade the look of your business and can win the hearts of many passersby.

Window decals allow prospects to stop and see what your business is all about. They provide unique, charming beauty. If a stranger passes a business premises, the allure of the window decal is pretty gorgeous to look at. The use of window decals doesn’t depend on the age of your business. It’s ideal for anyone looking to give their business a professional touch.

For a seasoned dealer wanting to take their business to another level or provide their business vehicle with some sense of individuality, window decals are an excellent choice. Window decals are one of the best ways to easily upgrade the look of your storefront or office. Are you looking forward to coming up with a window decal for your business? Our window decal service will get you started.

Window decals offer you an excellent finishing option and can meet almost any design need. They’re fashionable and trendy, no matter the material you choose. All die cut decals provide attractive colors for offices, cars, storefronts, commercial malls, boutiques, and many more. A beautifully-made and well-design window decal can leave a long-lasting impression.

Window decals can be used in a wide variety of settings including business offices, restaurants and retail stores. They often include business names, logos, sales copy and personalized advertising. When it comes to application, we recommend applying them on
  • Storefront windows
  • Entry doors
  • Business offices
  • Restaurant windows

Window decals offer you an excellent finishing option, which can surely meet your various business needs. They’re fashionable and trendy, no matter the material you choose. All die cut decals promise to provide attractive colors for any office, cars, storefront, commercial malls, boutiques, and many more.

We take this as an exciting opportunity to make windows of your business alive and vibrant with decals, which will leave a long-lasting impression.

Vinyl Window Decals

Window decals are available in vinyl materials. Understanding where and how to use your sticker can help you pick the right option. Vinyl material occurs in different forms:

  • Clear Vinyl
  • Opaque Vinyl
  • Perforated Decals
  • Frosted Decals
  • Clear Stickers
  • Car Window Decals
  • Static Window Stickers

Opaque Vinyl

Opaque decals make windows more comfortable to read. With opaque decals, there’s no limit as you can add the color of your choice. The printing method involves the use of fade, weather, and abrasion-resistant designs. We typically print onto a white vinyl sheet. Opaque decals are offered in a variety of colors, shadows, and gradients. The same goes for shapes. Some examples are square, rectangle, oval, rounded, custom, and more. Opaque decals have a white background to give people a clear view and readability. Opaque decals are semi-permanent; but they’re easy to remove with some simple tools. We consider opaque decals appropriate for:

  • Storefront windows
  • Glass doors
  • Smooth glass surfaces

Frosted Decal

You can effectively draw the attention of many people with a frosted decal. It offers the best printing technology, which involves reverse cut, printed frosted, or standard cut. This decal provides a semi-transparent background. This means they’re also good for strategically increasing privacy.
Frosted decals are best for indoor and outdoor use on:

  • It comes in different shape options.
  • It offers both standard and inside glass print surface options. 
  • Frosted decal is semi-permanent. 
  • The removal process is quick and simple.

Best for indoor and outdoor use on:

  • Glass doors
  • Storefront windows
  • Any smooth glass surface
  • Good when providing privacy

The Best Materials for Your Window Decal


Clear Vinyl

Vinyl is semi-permanent. It offers two print surface options: inside the glass (adhesive front decal) and standard (adhesive back decal). It also provides more than 30 colors of vinyl material, so you can be sure to choose something preferable.
The printing method includes numbering, lettering, or graphics, which we cut from a sheet then place it on a transfer masking tape. It has no background.
It’s best for indoor and outdoor use on:

  • Retail walls
  • Vehicles
  • Storefronts
  • Businesses
  • Offices

We’ll advise you on how you can use it to ensure that it serves you for as long as possible.

Perforated Decals

Perforated decals are easier to see through from inside. This is because their background solidly perforates from outside. Perforated stickers are available in a variety of colors, shadows, and gradients. The back of the perforated window film is black and when you look from the inside out and actually fools your eyes and you don’t see the black sticker you see through it and see what’s
outside. It also works as inside your business is not as brightly illuminated as the outside world

When it comes to the right selection, the shape may be the first thing you might want to consider. Whether you’re looking for a rectangular, oval, square, or decal with rounded corners, perforated decal offers different shape options to choose from. It provides a standard print surface option.
There’s no inside glass option. This decal is semi-permanent and is easily removable.
We recommend a perforated decal on:

  • Glass doors
  • Storefronts
  • Smooth glass surfaces
  • Covering the whole storefront windows


Clear Sticker

Make any window signage shine with a clear decal without breaking your bank. Clear decals are simple and can create a seamless yet professional looking design for your window. A clear decals looks like part of the glass while giving people clear visibility into your shop or office.

Many businesses select them because they’re temporary yet durable. They’re transparent and easily removable. But they’re not reusable. The best features about this clear stickers are that they offer double print surface options, namely standard and inside glass.

The printing method involves the use of a fade, weather, or abrasion-resistant ink design. Always consider your color scheme and lighting of your space when selecting clear stickers as your window decal.
A clear sticker is best for indoor and outdoor use on:

  • Storefront windows
  • Glass doors
  • Smooth glass surfaces

Window Decal Installation

Window decals installation is a simple process, provided you have some experience. But the larger the decal, the more difficult it becomes to install. Other factors such as the height and space where the window decal will be applied are important. Some window decals, because they’re so high up, require a ladder or even a scaffold to install. Installation is best left to professionals. Platon Graphics can help you install any window decal purchased from us.

opaque frosted vinyl static glass print decor

Window Decal Custom Shape
We customize all window decals to your design. Some of the more popular standard shapes that our clients choose are:

  • Circle
  • Vinyl lettering
  • Oval 
  • Rectangle
  • Square


Do you love circular shapes? You can customize your circular window decal and tweak it to your heart’s content. Circular decals are a perfect solution for any general round shape you fancy.

Installing circles is a breeze. They’ll work fine on anything with a clean and smooth surface. Add texture, upload your graphics, and choose your favorite color. You can use a circular decal on car windows or for marketing and branding.

Vinyl Lettering

Create and design your adhesive letters and numbers for your shop. Vinyl lettering comes ready to apply to your shop window, vehicle, or anything else which has a smooth surface. Include your favorite images, clips, and arts. Vinyl letters are a simple way to display store hours or other information that might be helpful to your customers.


Oval-shaped decals have been popular for decades. They’re fit for a favorite restaurant, vacation spot, and many others. The oval sticker can add a sense of taste to your product. Customize it with your company name and guess what you’ll see – a product of your imagination!


Rectangular decals are ideal for their smooth corners and extra durability. Their design shows a high level of craftsmanship and premium quality. This is important because it makes the application process easier.

Square Vinyl Décor

Square vinyl decals are great for shopping malls, retail shops, glass doors, and car windows. They’re long-lasting with an adhesive backside for exterior application. Customize your chosen size and apply it to your favorite shop.

Sticker Application Surfaces

Inside versus outside glass options.

This depends on the type of business you’re running. Let’s start with the outer glass option. Here, decals often attach on the back to display the design on the glass surface.

Outside glass option

Putting your decals outside the glass brightens designs, making it easier to read even from a distance.

Inside glass option

With the decals inside the glass, customers can see them through the glass, but the decal is protected from wear and tear. Please note that if your window is tinted, it will diminish the brightness of the decal.

Background Options

When choosing your decals, you can choose between clear and opaque decals. If you’re trying to understand the differences between the two, here’s a primer:

Clear decals

As the name suggests, they’re just transparent. They simply look like part of the glass. They provide potential customers with a better view of inside your shop.

Opaque decals

Opaque decals have solid backgrounds. This blocks the view through your windows but makes the stickers easier to read from a distance.


Window Decal Self Applications Guide

Application can seem tricky, but it’s actually quite simple. But it can take a bit of practice to get right. We’ve provided below four steps to get your personalized window decal set up within a few minutes.

Important tip: If your decal is large, we recommend asking us for help.

Step by step guide:


Ensure your surface is clean, free from dust, and other particles. Use a soft cloth.


Mix warm water with soap and cover the glass.


Start the application by first peeling off your custom decal. Mount it on your window gently and gradually.


Squeegeeing usually starts from the center. Make sure you smooth out liquid bubbles entirely for better results.

    Personalized Window Decals Maintenance

    Once you’ve mounted your window decals, you’ll want to take good care of it. It’s always advisable to occasionally wash your window decal with a soft damp cloth or non-abrasive rag. This removes dirt and helps to maintain the overall quality and lifespan of your decal. 

    Under proper care, decals can last for several years without wearing off. Here are some maintenance tips:

    • Install the sticker carefully to prevent damage
    • Wash the window decal regularly
    • Don’t use harsh cleaners or degreasers
    • Never use an abrasive while cleaning your window decal

    window decals

    Our Best Advice for You Before Buying a Window Decal

    • Are decals easy or difficult to remove? Can they destroy the window?

    Decals are easy to remove. And in most cases, we advise you to pull stickers away from the window. They won’t damage or ruin your window. But in case of residual, use a razor blade to scratch them off. For decals that seem uneasy to remove from the window, some materials such as squeegee can easily facilitate the process.

    we strongly recommend doing it on a warm day preferably after the sun has set. That will allow the decal to warm up a little bit so the adhesive is soft and compliant. Peel the decal back towards itself at a 180° angle.

    • The best window decals to choose

    This depends on your personal preference, taste, and style. It also depends on the type of transparency (visibility) you want, the location of placement, and the target audience. You can refer to window decal materials higher up on this page to see which one is right for you.

    • How to avoid bubbles when applying a personalized window decal?

    The application of a personalized window decal is easy. However, if you do it wrong, the whole thing will be messy and you’ll get bubbles We recommend the wet application method. Do a Google search for more information.

      window decal window decals
      •  The specific temperature range for the window decal application process

      Every decal has its particular application temperature range. If you have a perforated decal, we recommend a temperature range of 50 – 80 Fahrenheit For adhesive vinyl, room temperature is always a good starting point. If you apply outside the temperature range, your decal may not apply as well.

      • Window decals only work on smooth surfaces

      Don’t apply decals on non-smooth surfaces. We mostly recommend glass. Otherwise, decals won’t look good or last long.

      • Why should you select a window decal?

      Window decals are the most popular and innovative signage solutions in this information age. They’re a great solution for both small and big businesses. They provide an easy way to promote products and are an excellent opportunity to build brand awareness.

      window decals

      People often ask

      How do you make your own window decal?

      To make your own window decal:

      • Gather the materials such as a large blank sheet of decal
      • Sketch out our decal design on a plain paper
      • Draw the decal design to scale
      • Remove the paper with the design from the wall
      • Spread out our contact sheet of paper on flat ground or surface
      • Carefully cut the outline with sharp scissors or Xacto knife
      • Transfer the contact sheet of paper to the wall

        What are window decals?

        A window decals is just a fancy name for a sticker. But the kind we sell are a made of a vastly superior quality material. Our custom window decals have the same high-quality of all of our printed advertisements. They are free from static electricity, and one can easily install them.


        How much do window decals cost?

        A custom window decal cost ranges between a few dollars and a few hundred dollars. Some very large designs can cost thousands of dollars. We can’t dictate the price by considering the size alone. There are other variables, which act as key factors in cost determination. Such factors include decal materials such as premium high-performance vinyl. Decals consist of 8ml static polyvinyl and 4ml flexible vinyl. On the other hand, perforated decals consist of 7.1ml vinyl. This vinyl has a diameter of 1.50mm.

        Reflective intermediate grades and window perf heavily determine the price range of the window decal. Generally, the following are the cost determinants of a window decal cost:

        • Size
        • Materials
        • Intermediate grades
        window decals

        Contact Us for Window Decal Customization Services

        Window decals are among the most popular signage available to businesses. They help relay information and create brand awareness. With our custom window decals, you can make the most of your windows. Whether you have an entire shopping mall, or a small storefront, a custom window decal from Platon Graphics is an excellent opportunity. Window decals can be just for fun too. But for most companies, It’s an exciting opportunity to boost their revenue. Are you ready to start creating your window decal? We’re here for you when you’re ready.

        We’re the best when it comes to window decals

        Our window decals customization comes with numerous benefits. They include:

        • Fun
        • Business-boosting
        • Relaying important information

        We’ll help you get the best window sticker for your unique needs. We’ll guide you on the best window decals that allow for customization.

        The finished product can amount to a gorgeous business look. Our window decals are made with high technology and eco-friendly printing techniques. They’ll dazzle you with super-resolution because they’re made with superior printers in the highest mode of resolution.

        No wonder we offer the sharpest and most brilliant details with vibrant colors and gradients. Our window decals always come out perfect We guarantee they’re be no bubble formation, thanks to our air-egress printing technology.

        Order a custom decal today. They’re catchy, attention-grabbing, and helpful.  Showcase your brand, products, or services. Increase your sales in a flash. Call us to convert your window into a beautiful display and creating an exciting new market your for your business!

        Window Decals

        Platon Graphics offers affordable custom decals for all kinds of businesses. With our high quality, versatile and durable materials, you can be sure you’ll get the perfect custom decal for your company’s needs! With over 7 decades of experience creating beautiful products, our team of trained and skilled decal makers will make the perfect custom decal. Whether your company is a national chain or a small to medium sized business, we’re here to help you get the perfect window sticker to compliment your company’s branding and image. Call us today for a free quote or fill out the form to the right to get a conversation started. Thanks for reading our custom decals web page.

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