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Floor Graphics Frequently Asked Questions

What are floor graphics?
Floor graphics are adhesive graphics that are applied to the floor to create a visual effect or to convey a message. They can be used for branding, marketing, or wayfinding in a variety of settings, such as retail stores, airports, and event venues.
How long do floor graphics last?
The lifespan of a floor graphic can vary depending on the type of material used and the amount of foot traffic it receives. Some floor graphics can last for several months, while others can last for several years with proper care and maintenance.
How are floor graphics installed?
Floor graphics are typically installed by a professional using a process called dry installation. This involves cleaning the floor surface, applying a primer, laying down the graphic, and then applying a clear laminate layer to protect it.
Can floor graphics be removed without damaging the floor?
Yes, floor graphics can be removed without causing damage to the floor if they are installed and removed properly. The adhesive used for floor graphics is typically a removable, low-tack adhesive that won’t leave residue or damage the floor surface.
Can floor graphics be used on carpet?
It’s possible to use floor graphics on carpet, but it’s important to note that the lifespan of the graphic will be shorter and the carpet may become damaged after removal. It’s best to use floor graphics on hard surfaces such as concrete or tile.
Are there any specific safety considerations for floor graphics?
Yes, there are safety considerations for floor graphics. It’s important to ensure that the graphics do not create a tripping hazard or impede the flow of foot traffic. Additionally, it’s important to use slip-resistant materials for floor graphics in areas where there may be a risk of slipping or falling.

While there were lower bids for our barricades, we chose platon because of their quality, service, and ability to meet our deadlines. They always make Guess? look good.

Diane Busch

Guess? Inc.

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Become a Floor Graphic Master with These 5 Tips

There are many types of floor graphics available. They come in different formats and on varying materials. These floor decals appear to be a little-used formula, though with recent events they have become more common. Even without the need for social distancing vinyl floor decals, you’ll find that floor decals have many advantages of their own.

Floor graphics are often an essential complement to other types of advertising methods. It allows the marking of pedestrian areas and facilitates the traffic flow in open areas. You can use floor graphics in many different ways, 5 of which are in this article.

Types of Floor Decals

Floor graphics make a great communication tool. Whether it’s floor decals for an event or permanent decoration, indoor or outdoor. Use vinyl floor graphics to mark out areas of your shop, show directions, or promote your brand through sponsoring a game! Floor graphics are also a great tool for street marketing.

Floor decals can adapt to your specific usage. It’s possible to choose vinyl floor decals with a temporary adhesive for a promotional floor graphics installation. You can remove these floor decals without leaving any marks. Or you can choose an adhesive for a permanent installation. You can learn how to apply floor decals here.

The choice of the adhesive for your floor decals will depend on the type of flooring you want to apply floor graphics too:


  • Sports hall
  • Handball court
  • Concrete
  • Tarmac
  • Linoleum
  • Parquet
  • Tile

Branding and design of your professional space

Are you looking for creative communication support for your next trade shows? Floor decals are perfect for that. Or do you want to revamp the decoration of your premises? Once again, look at floor decals. Whatever the reason, you can rely on custom floor graphics! It’s a strategic marketing tool to stand out from the competition at a trade show or event. You can use the floor decals to create a trail leading to your exhibition stand. Or you can create a decoration with your color palette on your company’s premises.

Personalized floor graphics can guide your customers within your company. Or you can use these custom floor decals to direct them to your exhibition booth at trade shows. It’s also very popular for decorating the floor of your company to reinforce branding or create an calming environment in the break room. clever custom vinyl floor graphics will allow your employees to enjoy a coffee break in an ideal setting.

Control of the influx of customers

Floor graphics is ideal for creating an efficient customer flow, especially during a pandemic. It’s designed for commercial signage. Printed floor graphics designed as directional arrows will allow you to guide your clients within your establishment in a way that maximizes social distancing and improves traffic flows. An optimized customer path is essential to better manage consumer behaviors. From the moment they walk in, to the moment they come to the point-of-sale and checkout, you can use printed floor graphics to help them come to the conclusions you want.

an adhesive floor graphic is made of strong polymer adhesive vinyl. You can install floor graphics by hand or with a squeegee. You can even install floor graphics to create an anti-slip surface that is resistant to frequent foot traffic. These pressure-sensitive adhesive stickers are good to use as floor signage for establishments receiving the public such as:

  • Shops and retail stores
  • Retail store rollouts
  • Small or large surfaces
  • Warehouses
  • Pharmacies
  • Schools
  • Hotels

You can also use these stickers to mark out traffic lanes. Show the direction of queues during your events, trade fairs, and exhibitions.

Structure factory layout and work environment

Clear signalization is essential in any company. Floor markings provide a visual structure to the working environment in factories. Industrial marking tapes are good to inform, warn, secure, and delimit areas and aisles such as:

  • Storage areas
  • Production areas
  • Pedestrian areas
  • Traffic lanes
  • Point of purchase

As visual markers for your employees, adhesive signage tapes are essential for safety. Follow the color code for an effective identification of the signage on the ground. To choose your adhesive tape, you must also take into account two elements:

  1. The nature of the ground – smooth, porous, oily
  2. The frequentation of the zone – frequent passage, cart, pedestrian foot traffic

Enforcing social distancing during the Coronavirus pandemic

Social distancing floor graphics are the new normal. Do you have a business or a place that welcomes visitors and clients? Enforce safety distances in a playful way with visual signs. These social distancing stickers are adhesive on the ground. They maintain a safe distance between people as recommended by the health authorities. This is the price to pay for being healthy and safe.

This signage will promote distancing in your queue in a natural way. It’s fun and very effective, so you don’t have to be the police yourself. The stickers do it for you!

These markings on the ground are great for all professionals receiving the public. They are easily-installed, non-slip, and easily-cleanable. They are good for an indoor floor or carpet and may not be too often repositioned.

Marking an outdoor surface on a permanent basis

Parking signage is easily-recognized by its white floor paint. Yet, there are many other types of materials and colors. It completes the information mounted around to improve understanding. This system on the ground can also replace the traditional modes of signalization. Especially when the displays are not possible in certain places. Supermarkets and malls with outdoor parking use that a lot. School floors can also enjoy vinyl floor graphics to go with the wall murals.

Besides stencil painting, floor graphics can be great on highly-resistant adhesive materials. The choice of decal material will vary. It depends on the desired durability of the operation. For this purpose, the matte or glossy anti-slip laminate is common on the floor graphics. But other materials such as asphalt art are innovative solutions. You can print them and place on concrete, tar, or even cobblestone floors. The visual effect is interesting as the material blends in with the support. The resistance to bad weather makes it an essential product for floor graphics.

Trust Platon Graphics with your quality custom image decal

Communication is everywhere in our daily lives. Our adhesive offer can answer all your requests when it comes to:

  • Information display
  • Advertising
  • Security enforcement
  • Visual structure delimitation
  • Decoration

Contact us to get in touch with a sales consultant to talk about custom printed floor graphics. He will be able to meet your floor graphics needs and inform you about our services, the sale price and your products delivery.

You want us to print rectangular, round, octagonal floor graphics? In your color and size, with your brand logo, or with a funny sentence? It is all possible. We produce all floor stickers and adhesives on-demand and tailored to your needs. You send us your logo or the colors of your brand and we prepare a digital file for validation. Platon Graphics isn’t simply entrusted to supply you with quality digital printing, quick pivot time, eco friendly printing materials, assist with fulling administration yet in addition at an exceptionally cutthroat cost. Simply search “floor graphics near me” and you’ll think that we are on the main page. Much obliged to you for your advantage in Platon Graphics, we expect to serve you later on ! We look after everything. Order your custom floor graphics today!


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