Die Cut Printing

Often a critical crowning touch in a graphics package is incorporating a custom shape into the graphics. Whether it’s decal, acrylic, Gator, wood, Sintra or most any flat substrate, we can precisely cut the finished product to a desired custom shape.

As the video at the right shows, the robot image from the movie “Robots” allows you to see how powerful the die-cut technology is in making the image appear to be three-dimensional.

Flatbed Printing

Platon’s exclusive flatbed printing technology allows us to print on the traditional Gator board, Sintra and acrylic as well as the most exotic of media such as raw wood, ceramic tiles, stone and most any flat surface. Our grand format flatbed printer ten feet wide and utilizes “white ink” which allows printing on nearly any color media. It is also capable of handling up to 2 inch thick medias.

Lambda Jet

Lambda Jet is an exclusive Platon technology that bridges the gap between high resolution photo quality and traditional digital printing. Lambda Jet is a leading-edge, eco-friendly technology that uses solvent free inks. Lambda Jet facilitates the ability to print in high resolution photo quality on a variety of media such as vinyl banner, pressure sensitive decal as well as paper stock. It is cost effective and versatile solution for indoor and outdoor applications.

UV Cured

Our unque Kaizentech printing technology is an eleven foot wide, roll-to-roll UV ink printer. Since the early 80’s grand format printing has utilized solvent-based inks which escape into the atmosphere and cause environmental damage. The new UV technology permits faster sharper resolution printing without harming our environment. Our unique Kaizentech system prints with same speed and cost-effectiveness as silk-screen technologies but the quality output is comparable to litho-based printing.