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Sidewalk Signs as a Way to Attract Customers

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Retail signage is perhaps one of the most important things you can manage for your business. From outdoor signage to in-store signage and every little piece in between, retail signs make an impact. Retail signs are typically one of the first things your customer sees, and chances are it will also be the last thing they see before they go.

You can take advantage of different signage types, including store signs, retail displays with sign holders on the sales floor, outdoor signs, or even things like floor decals. The best part is creating custom signs that work for your retail store. Check out this article with 13 retail signage ideas.

The goal is to grab customers’ attention, and how you do so using retail signs might vary from store to store.

What is Retail Signage?

You’ve most likely seen store signage and maybe even stopped at a store or perhaps shopped for something specific based on the signage you saw.

Retail signage is designed for just that purpose. It draws in foot traffic and enhances your customer experience. Some signage, like sale signs, is designed to encourage customers to browse or even purchase a specific product.

Retail Signage in a Phone Store

Signs in Retail Stores

Think about the last retail store that you walked into. What type of signage can you recall seeing before you entered? What about after? Did you see exterior signage that made you want to go inside? When you were inside, did you see shelving signage or other advertising that would draw shoppers to a specific brand or area of the store?

Now consider this. What was the message on that display? Maybe it advertised sales, or it was informative for shoppers. We would guess signs you see while you shop around in the store are even near eye level. There’s a reason for all of this, and it’s to attract attention!

Stores use retail signage of all kinds to advertise and communicate. From making the first impression to sharing sales or simply drawing in business, retailers can use signage for many things. We’ll discuss some of those various uses and the options for each of those shortly. In the end, you can use them to take your advertising to the next level and compete with other businesses and make your store stand out.

Signs hanging in a gym

Types of Signage

There are many different types of signs, and they can be used for a variety of purposes. They aren’t just for advertising retail store sales. They can also be used to highlight brands, display a logo, share promotions and discounts, give tips, or make a great first impression.

There are different types of signs for many other uses. These signs can be displayed in a lot of different ways as well.

Department Store Signage


Banners can be indoor signs or outdoor signs depending on the location and how the signs are made. Banners are used for visibility and typically promote something specific to draw in customer traffic.

For example, banners might be used for grand openings or major events. They might be used to share the company name and logo. Banners are typically hung in an area that customers navigate or pass by.

You can place a banner on your storefront or in some other location around a business. Banners tend to be large for either outdoor signage or indoor signage use.

Hanging Signs over a Grocery Store

Sidewalk Signs, A-Frames, and Sandwich Boards

These signs are all similar in how they operate. While they are made differently for how they stand, the intent is the same.

These store signs are used often as sidewalk signs in front of a retail store. Some stores also place them inside to attract attention to a specific message. Some stores will use these in small signage but, typically, they are large and meant to share a message to the customer.

Sidewalk Signs

Sidewalk signs are placed into retail sign holders that are meant to hold the sign and project the message for customers and passers-by. Restaurants use them to share things like the daily special. A retail store might use them to share directional signage to a specific area of the store for a special or discount.

Other places sometimes use these retail sign holders to display encouraging messages for passerby to read.

A-Frame Signs

An A-frame sign serves the same purpose for shoppers. These are large sign that folds out like an “A” and can be folded up to reduce the sign size when you need to store it away for the night when you lock up. The folding style can also help if you only use the sign at certain times around the business.

Sandwich Boards

Sandwich boards are almost the same as A-frame signage but are typically a little bit larger and maybe even fancier by design. The sandwich board might have a surrounding wooden frame or a nice frame around the signage piece.

Overall, these signs all have the same overall concept and use. In addition to the specific sign types we’ve covered here, a business or shop might also use a sign that has interchangeable letters to make their point.

All of these are most commonly used as outdoor signs but can also be used as indoor signage.

Framed Retail Signs

The framed sign is just as it sounds. It hosts a specific sign or advertisement inside of retail sign holders.

Framed signs can be found in different sizes and styles and can be used as either indoor or outdoor signs depending on what they are. Framed signs are also sometimes used to create a sign on counter space.

Framed signs can be placed around stores and serve a specific purpose like showing sales on a rack or encouraging customers to create a credit account for more promotions. Retailers can use framed signs to advertise any purpose they like.

LED Signs

LED signs are signage that brings light to the messages. Some businesses LED signage that reads “open” to let a customer know when their business day is in effect. Some retailers use them on the walls to point out brand displays.

LED signs are usually an indoor sign that is placed in a specific site and left there to be used as wanted or needed. These can be customized and typically cost a bit more money than some of the other signage options out there.

Digital Signage

It has become more and more popular for a business to use digital signage at their site. These digital signs are popular for places that want as much visibility as possible. The colors and the message attract customers.

Digital signs can be great for any business. They also tend to cost a bit more initially, but customers tend to notice them. In this case, it’s all about the displays.

Whether you own a retail business, a restaurant, or some other type of shop, you can communicate and attract the attention of customers with signs like these.

Signage depicting a surfer in a clothing store


Posters are made to be large so, customers will notice them. Posters can be placed inside of frames or can be standalone. These are often placed throughout the store on a wall, or they may even be used for displays in the window where they hang or stick to attract customers from the outside.

These displays can be specific to discounts and promotions, or they can share a line that has just been released. They can be customized to meet any retail need.

Outdoor Signage Flags

Flags are another possible signage type that a store might use. Flags are typically meant to catch the attention of a customer or potential customer and simply draw someone into the store. You see flags for sales or at places that have something special going on.

You may notice flags to indicate sales at places like car dealerships, but they can be used for sales and other store signage as well.

Sign Holders and Stands

All of these different types of signage accomplish the same purpose. They communicate to customers, whether it be something specific about the store or perhaps just about sales. The goal is to let your customers know what you need or want them to know.

Signage is great, but don’t forget that you may also need holders and stands to accommodate various signage. Stands can vary depending on the signage and the store’s needs, but you can find them for literally every type of signage out there!

The Importance of Retail Store Signage

Does it matter that much? Does a store HAVE to have signage? Sure, they can skip this if they want, but in the end, you’ll find that retail signage is an important part of attracting people to any type of business.

Custom signs are meant to be used as directional signage. However, it’s important to not go overboard. If you have too many different signs or your signage is just overwhelming, it’ll probably have the opposite effect of what you’re going for.

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Signage of a model in a clothing store

Tips for the Best Signage

Check out these tips to make the most out of your signage options.

Big and Bold

Your signage needs to be easy to read to capture attention. Use big, bold fonts and words so that there is no missing what you’re sharing!

You’ll notice this on different signage for various places. Just the store signage alone is typically bold and visible. Use that approach with all of your signage.

Signage for a fast food restaurant menu

Position Wisely

The position is everything. If your display is not visible or noticeable, it won’t be seen. If you use something like an A-frame or sandwich board, know-how and where to place it for people to notice it, but don’t have it in the way.

Use the Right Type

Use the right type of signage for the project at hand. We shared several of the different types above. Using the right type is important to make sure you’re making the impression you intend to make.

For example, you wouldn’t put a huge sandwich board on the counter next to the registers. You also wouldn’t put a miniature sign out in front of your store to share a sale.

Choose the right style and position to attract attention.

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