Problem: While the corporate offices of Activision were certainly professional and businesslike, they were somewhat stark for a maker of such exciting video games. They needed a way to spruce-up the environment while not distracting team members, but still being appropriate to the workspace.

Solution: We helped the company select some of the most compelling and visually interesting phtoos from their collection. They digitally printed them in high resolution on Our exclusive kaizen Tech large format, eco-friendly printing system. They created dozens of eye-popping and compelling prints that demand attention and scream with powerful imagery. These were mounted in suitable areas of the office.

Results: The result is a corporate environment that reflects the action-packed activision products like the amazing call of duty series of games that has sold well over 20 million units. Now when clients, prospective new talent, members of hte media, and other dignitaries visit the company, the appearance of the office is consistent with the company’s leadership and cutting-edge technology.

Burlington Coat Factory

Problem: Newly appointed management felt that the current brand of Burlington Coat Factory was not prceived as representing current marketing trends. With 400 national and international locations, the firm’s in-house design team sought help with the re-branding application to a flaship store.

Solution: We were selected as a partner to bring this new design to life. We worked with the creative team handling all project management for logistics as applied to color management during the proofing and printing process and graphics installation while overlooking cost containment to accomplish the re-branding goals.

Results: The flagship location became a new environment with an atmosphere that was dramatically different from the old corporate standard. Extremely satisfied with the end result, Burlington Coat Factory announced moving forward to having all locations reflect the new brands visual standard. Burlington Coat Factory is still the leader in discount fashion and apparel. 

Westfield San Jose

Problem: As the date for a private grand opening charity gala event neared, a luxury mall with a major wing still under development had large number of retail stores still under construction. The visual appeal of the new wing’s beautiful interior was in jeopardy by the still unfinished renovation process of these stores. The visual impact of the “construction in progress” threatened to mar the aesthetics of the event.

Solution: Our design team worked with the retailers to design for them visually pleasing barricade graphics ensuring an appropriate impression for the dignitaries attending the gala event. By managing the myriad of tech and logistical specifications we removed the burden from Westfield by satisfying that each retailer’s branding and visual identity was effectively communicated.

Results: In time for the grand opening event every unopened retail location presented a beautifully unique barricade graphic representative of their brand yet appealing in theme, which mirroring that of the newly renovated wing of the mall.

Westfield St. Louis

Problem: A major regional mall that closed for renovation had planned a private grand opening charity gala. However, many retail stores would not be fully constructed and ready to open in time for the gala. The exposed construction process would impose an uninviting and negative appeal. Since the facility was closed and the gala event occurring in less than two weeks, working construction crews created a hostile environment for any graphic planning and install.

Solution: Because of a short timeline, we knew this would require careful planning and coordination with the construction work that overlapped onsite during site survey and installation. Our in house design team worked with retailers to create visually pleasing graphics while at the same time our 3m certified install team of technicians opened communications with construction managers to assure barricade graphic installation would not interfere with renovation progress.

Results: With less than a two-week window for printing, planning, survey and installation, we delivered on designing and producing quality barricade graphics, unharmed by overlapping construction work and just in time for the private gala event.

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