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How to apply a floor decal

Floor decals offer a great advantage for advertising, providing directions and instructions. Some floor decals are made of durable, non-slip, scratch-resistant polyester. Floor graphics such as floor decals can withstand high traffic activities, both indoors and outdoors. Professional and commercial premises can create a social distancing floor.

Floor stickers are the best marketing tool to advertise. these floor decals can guide the flow of customers and much more. floor decals can also be used for social distancing or for safety sign floor stickers. Some say floor decals are even better than banners. Applying floor decals doesn’t take much time and is quite easy. Here are some ideas of different ways to use floor decals and floor graphics.

There are a few steps to ensure that the floor decals are well attached to the floor. You need to be careful because once the floor decals are on, depending on the type, it may be impossible to adjust or reposition them. This would damage the entire form and surface of the floor decals. Read more about floor stickers here.

This article tells you what you need to do to prepare yourself before applying the floor decals. When installing large floor decals, at least two people should help in the process. This makes it easier to properly install your floor decals without damaging them.

Door swing area floor graphic

Prepare the Surface

Have you decided where to place your floor decals? It might be in your waiting room, lift, staircase, or even dance floor. This will be different than installing a wall sticker. Start by preparing the floor surface for the floor decals. The process of installing printed floor graphics is like that of vinyl graphics. So before anything else, you need to make sure the floor is ready to receive your floor decals. 

If you skip this step, the durability of the floor graphics will be reduced. It’ll be more likely for your floor decals to be a little damaged or even come off completely. So ensure that here are no problems with the surface you’re going to place your floor decals. Make sure it is smooth, clean and dry. Then you can start installing your floor decals on the floor.

Spray the floor

Prepare the surface for installation by spraying the floor. To do this, you must pour about 20 drops of detergent for every liter of water. Enzymatic products or soaps should not be used for this operation. They could damage the surface of the floor, making it more difficult to install your floor decals. 

Clean the surface

Using the appropriate cleaning products for the surface, clean the area to which you intend to apply your floor decals. It’s recommended that you clean more of the area than you need to apply the floor decals. Allow a few extra inches around the location of the floor decals. This will give you room for error and flexibility.

Wipe the floor

Once you have cleaned the target floor area, scrub it to remove any moisture. Use a lint-free paper towel. This will help you get rid of any grit or debris that was not removed and ensure that the surface is dry for your floor decals. You can also wipe down the area where the floor decals will be as well as the few inches around it to avoid any mistakes. 

Remove grease or oil

To ensure that there is no grease or oil on the targeted area, soak your towel in a  rubbing alcohol. This product will help remove any oil and grease that has become embedded on the floor, which would otherwise prevent your floor decals from sticking properly. Once you’ve applied the alcohol solution, wipe the area down instead of letting it air dry. This prevents anything in the alcohol from remaining on the floor and interfering with the installation of your floor decals.

Install the Floor Graphics

With the preparation complete You can now proceed to the installation of the floor decals. Your manufacturer’s instructions should tell you how to install floor graphics. Yet, there are a few guidelines you should follow to ensure you install your custom floor decals correctly.

Chart explaining the features of floor graphics

 sTips for Outdoor Decal Installation

When you install custom floor decals outdoors, they must be able to withstand the weather conditions of the area. Custom floor decals are different from a wall decal or some home decal stickers. When installing outdoor floor graphics, especially custom floor decals, there are several things to consider.

Most often, asphalt and concrete are two preferred materials for these type of custom floor decals. These outdoor floor graphics are great for helping people find their way around. But while it’s a popular option, directional floor decals aren’t the only choice. Floor graphics are also an great for adding branding to the outside of a store. Custom floor decals help draw attention to a product or brand by providing a fun advertising vehicle. Custom floor decals also catch the attention of anyone looking down at their phone while they walk.

Here are some tips for the installation process of outdoor floor stickers. They will keep your outdoor floor decal looking good for as long as you need it to.

Be mindful of the temperature

Concrete and asphalt pavements have discharge channels that fluctuate with temperature. The purpose of these channels is to ensure that the surface will not shift or crack with temperature. If you find yourself in this type of environment, make sure you do not place concrete floor stickers or any other type of floor decal over these relief channels. If these get blocked, a change in temperature will cause the surface to crack. This will damage the floor stickers.

Choose slip- and skid-resistant laminates

The top priority when installing a floor decal is safety. It’s best to choose a non-slip laminate for your floor decal. That way, passersby won’t risk slipping on your floor decal. For high-traffic areas, use a strong adhesive to keep the floor decal attached to the floor. This is especially true for:

  • Gates
  • Parking lots
  • Sidewalks
  • Doorways

6 foot Floor Decals at a grocery store

Pick the strongest adhesive and extra matte protection

Install an extra matte laminate over the floor decal to protect it from:

  • Ice
  • Rain
  • UV rays

It’s essential to use a very strong adhesive on an outdoor floor decal. Especially if you want to prevent it from shifting due to extreme weather conditions.

Watch out for condensation and moisture-holding zones

One step many people forget is to look for places where condensation collects. You don’t want to place a floor decal over an area that may be moist. Be sure to check for:

  • Holes
  • Cracks and nooks
  • Crannies

Remember to seal these areas to limit the accumulation of moisture and condensation before applying a floor decal. Then, even out the areas that you want to cover so that the floor decal spreads evenly over the entire surface. The best practice is to wait 24 hours before placing the decals so that the fill is completely dry.

Tips for Indoor Decals Installation

It is obvious that indoor floor graphics are less affected by environmental factors. Yet, you still need to make sure that you install them well. Indoor flooring tends to be smoother, making it easier to ensure your floor decal is installed correctly. Even though indoor flooring makes it easier to install your floor decal, we have a few tips on how to do an indoor floor decal installation.

Applying decals

To apply a floor decal, it’s recommended to use a squeegee. squeegees prevent air pockets from forming under the floor graphics during application. Without one, most people use their hands. With your hands, the pressure on your floor decal is not the same and the surface is not as smooth. As a result, there is a greater chance of air pockets forming beneath your floor graphics.

Installing graphics on vinyl or tile

Thinking of installing your floor decals on vinyl or tile? Be careful not to install floor graphics on a tile edge or grout lines. These types of surfaces are detrimental to the longevity of your floor graphics. This is because these areas can create uneven surfaces, causing air bubbles between the floor and your floor decal. If this happens, the floor decal can then peel off before it’s time.

Installing graphics on wood or wood laminate

Would you rather install wood, decorative floor decals? Pay attention to the end joints of the floor. If these joints are visible, the floor graphics placed on your wood floor will look uneven and bumpy. 

The waiting period

Do not step on the floor graphics immediately once they have been well applied. The floor graphics need time to harden before anyone can interact with it. It’s recommended that you allow at least 24 hours for the floor graphics to set. But once that time is up, no worries. The floor graphics are completely integrated into the flooring, and it won’t be all damaged if stepped on. 

General installation tips

Mark the location of your floor graphics installation. Do this by outlining the edges where the unique floor decals will begin and end. You can use masking tape. This will help you position and center your floor graphics it during installation.

Please Wait Here Decal
If you are installing a large floor decal, one person should hold one side of the decal in the air. Meanwhile, the second person can begin gluing the decal to the floor. To do this, he or she must smooth the decal until it touches the floor using a decal scraper. If you don’t have access to this tool, a credit card or other firm edge can be in a microfiber cloth.

Once the decal is in place, apply pressure to the entire surface. This way, the adhesive will completely touch the surface of the floor.

How to Remove the Decal

Do you want to remove your floor graphic because it no longer serves its purpose? You also need to take specific steps to avoid damaging the floor surface below.

Peel most of the decal off the floor using your fingers. Indeed, the decal should not be resistant during this first step. You can use a plastic credit card or other similar material to peel the decal off the floor. To do this, you must wedge the card between the sticker and the floor. This will create a space from which you can pull the sticker. This gap will grow as you rub the card back and forth and apply gentle pressure to the sticker.

If you can’t get your design off the ground even with a credit card, don’t switch to a sharper material like a knife. You will damage the surface of the floor. Instead, what you can do is heat the sticker with a hair dryer. Especially if it doesn’t peel off well and keeps tearing. The heat will release the adhesive more easily and allow you to tear the decal off.

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