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It can be difficult to adjust to a whole new set of rules. But we’re now living with COVID-19. We must try to maintain social distance and adopt new habits in the workplace. Social distancing stickers act as barriers to help stop the spread and make space between people.

Sometimes employees need a few gentle reminders in the form of floor graphics such as social distancing stickers.  That way, they don’t forget to put on their face mask before entering the building. Or sanitize their hands before and after using the shared copy machine.

Looking for the best way to get people to follow social distancing instructions? Do you want easy-to-understand language with positive messages and minimal text? How about messages encouraging physical distancing. Those are now posted on furniture, walls, in elevators, and even on pillows in public spaces.

This signage often comes along with hand sanitizer stations and wipe dispensers. They’re designed to fit aesthetically into spaces to promote a sense of normality.

Let’s discuss floor stickers. The most famous form of maintaining social distancing to combat viral illnesses.

If many businesses had to close their doors, others must now adapt to the crisis to prevent the spread of the virus. Stores, grocery stores or health services must reorganize during this crisis. We assist our clients through the design of new turnkey communication tools. We help you reorganize your commercial space. We want to ensure the safety of customers and visitors.

We have designed these adaptable floor signs. They match your brand image. They also make it easy to see the commercial space at a glance and to regulate the queues to protect people. You can learn all about floor stickers here.

Our experts are mobilizing during this high-stakes period. The goal is to help critical structures and organizations that welcome the public. Our design specialists offer these ready-to-use communication tools. Their role is to reorganize your space and disseminate information. Let’s discuss the different kinds of social distancing stickers.

Individuals in line spaced out with social distancing stickers

What Kinds of Social Distancing Decals are Available?

The covid outbreak raises many questions. Especially about the barrier measures to limit the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. One of the main measures is social distancing which can be well done through special signage.

Wall and window stickers

Wall and window decals are now designed with waterproof coroplast or vinyl. They are durable and you can use them in high traffic areas. Once exposed to direct sunlight, they keep their original color over time.

These decal stickers are signaling your customers that the space is safe. This encourages them to follow the safety rules when shopping. The stickers are perfect as a reminder or to let customers know which areas they can and cannot use. Coroplast signage can be stuck to any surface to convey a message of physical distance. It does it directly to the place where it is most needed. 

Chart of different services stickers can be placed

You can place the adhesive vinyl on a glass support, a partition, or a flat surface. The lifespan of the vinyl sticker varies according to its sticking power. It can be temporary or permanent. These stickers are available in matte or glossy finish, in all formats.

Floor stickers

The floor decals are all made of durable vinyl. These social distancing signs are all designed to withstand frequent foot traffic. And this without the risk of wear and tear. Whether in the form of feet, circles, or dividing lines, you can place them:

  • At the entrance to each aisle or entrance to organize traffic flow
  • To space out queues
  • To direct customers to a clear place to stand

Some of the floor decals have predefined public safety messages. Others are simpler, with directional arrows. Those show the direction to follow in a more straightforward manner. 

Once the distance between individuals is good, it’s essential to address:

  • The management of the flow
  • The direction of traffic

Floor stickers are part of the many solutions that allow to manage the flow of people in one place. They limit risky contacts between people. They include:

  • Directional arrows
  • Adhesive marking strips
  • Personalized stickers of different shapes
  • Footprints and barrier gestures

Tabletop stickers

Table stickers are most commonly used in restaurants and bars. They remind customers that they should follow NHS public health guidelines. Whether it is text, images, or crosses, these stickers are now recognized and understood by all. These safe distance labels are even more useful on a larger scale. For example, you can fix them to benches in a cafeteria, hotel or airport. They will show the space that people have to respect between each seat.

Man in dress shoes standing at a social distancing graphic

Types of social distancing stickers suitable for different surfaces

It’s recommended to maintain a safety distance between the individuals. This is vital to limit the contacts and to fight against the propagation of the coronavirus. Everybody must respect it. That is why the marking on the ground or often used objects is an ideal solution of signalisation.

Adhesive signage makes it possible to enforce the social distance at a glance. Easy to install, you can choose between temporary, medium-term or permanent marking. This marking is customizable at will. 

Smooth, flat surfaces

Smooth surface stickers have a specially formulated adhesive. It will permanently adhere to:

  • Linoleum
  • Commercial tiles
  • Laminate flooring
  • Varnished wood
  • Ceramic tiles

Its surface lamination makes it non-slip, washable and water-resistant.

Rugs and carpets

Carpet stickers have an adhesive designed for short pile and loop pile carpets. These items are great for commercial carpet applications and are ideal for temporary solutions. They can last up to 6 months on your carpet depending on the type of carpet they’re on. This means that your carpet will not get damaged after you remove the sticker. These stickers have an anti-slip coating. They are completely safe and will not compromise the quality of your carpet. 

Cement and asphalt

Exterior cement and asphalt stickers have a specially formulated adhesive. It will adhere even to rough and uneven surfaces. Its surface lamination makes it anti slip and very resistant. It’s useful for outdoor waiting lines or any kind of event that is outside.

Pavement and brick

Placing stickers on the ground informs your customers before they enter your establishment. The stickers are all printed on a self-adhesive film. It has a very strong bonding strength. It will stick to rough and uneven surfaces like pavement and brick. The industrial textured grain is all made up of premium materials. They can withstand heavy rain and extreme weather conditions.

Multi-surface self-adhesive strips

Self-adhesive strips and social distancing footprints can show a stopping point. They are available in various lengths and heights. Depending on the type of decal you choose, they can be all applied indoors, outdoors or on carpet.

Shapes and sizes

Several shapes and sizes are available in pre-designed models. They can be custom-made according to your specific needs. Some will be useful for a shop, others will fit a classroom better. Choose shapes with rounded corners. This reduces the risk of peeling due to rubbing of the edges.

Our workshop’s equipped with special cutting machines. This equipment allows us to produce various shapes in a fast, cheap and safe way. Choose from one of our pre-designed graphics. Have it adapted to your corporate colors or send us your own design. In both cases, the finished product will be perfect.

Respect the rules of social distancing with these custom stickers

Maintaining safety in the workplace has always been important. But COVID-19 has reinforced this need. It is as much about implementing safety protocols, as it is about education. Smart signage falls under both components. It ensures that everyone is on the same page. Especially when contributing to an environment that promotes health and safety. 

Even in common areas, it’s possible to meet together in a responsible way. Our motto fir social distancing is to keep our spaces healthy, together. This is where stickers allow us to take on a friendly, communal tone. Creating a “We’re all in this together” atmosphere is an important behavioral element. It’s getting people to rally around a common goal.

shopping carts spaced out between 6 foot stickers

Clear communication, well understood message

These stickers are great products to communicate the rules of social distancing. Be it to clients, visitors and staff. Keep your distance as much as possible and take care of everyone’s health. The stickers state both obligations and prohibitions. Put them in a prominent place, such as at the entrance to your business or at the cash register of your store.

Physical distancing stickers by Platon Graphics

Social distancing display needs are now many and they are here to stay.  So opt for a solution that benefits your brand image. A social distancing sticker is a safe, durable, washable and resistant solution.

We’ve designed some distancing sticker templates. They are adaptable to your brand image. They will explain at a glance the regulations of your commercial space. They will also be a very good tool to regulate the waiting lines and thus reassure your customers.

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Custom Social Distancing Stickers

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