13 Retail Signage Ideas

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No matter what, we can almost bet that your goal is to attract customers. Whether you are enticing them to a window display, trying to drive foot traffic, or simply using a sign for branding purposes, you’ve got to do it right.

The good news is that a business can take just about any approach to creating a sign. You need to know your target audience and then create signage that will give potential customers that positive impression and effectively communicate the point.

We’ve got some awesome retail signage examples for you to check out here!

retail signage ideas for a restaurant

What Exactly Makes a Good Store Sign?

Before you take a look at our ideas and examples, let’s take just a moment to discuss what it is that makes a sign great.

Some of the details for your store signage will depend on your business and your customers. We can give you some tips but keep in mind that you will need to customize the approach to fit your market specifically.

Attract Customers Attention

The goal of your signage is probably to either make a first impression with new customers or attract the attention of those entering your business. Go bold or go home is our motto here.

You want something bold and something that stands out. Bold fonts are the best options, and contrasting colors that fall into the primary colors are always a good idea for signs.

Use a great headline or a simple but attractive phrase that is self-explanatory. Use your logo and represent your brand on all signs inside and outside of the shop.

Zales store signage

Guiding Customers

Inside of the shop, your customer is already there, so your signage should reflect an important message at that moment. Are you pointing out services or sales? Are you directing them throughout the store?

You don’t need to entice people at this stage, but you need a message that matters. Whether it’s to display service or some other use, be sure to create your detail in a guiding manner that isn’t boring.

Appropriate Sign Usage

Finally, when creating signs, you need to be sure you are using an appropriate option for the purpose. If it’s outside of businesses, it needs to be placed in a noticeable space and needs to be large enough to be easily read.

If the sign is being used to promote a brand or perhaps a sale, choose something eye level and eye-catching.

Be sure to use the appropriate size and appropriate type of sign for the purpose. You also want to make sure you choose a good location for the sign.

For example, you wouldn’t place a sidewalk sign on the countertop, and you wouldn’t place a miniature sign out on the sidewalk.

13 of the Best Store Signage Ideas and Inspiration

You’ve got some of the basic details in your head now. Let’s talk about some ideas and inspiration to get your sign created and ready for use.

There are tons of ideas out there, and retailers have creative licenses to use the advertising style that works for their company. Check out some of these inspirational retail signage examples.

Get ideas from Shoe Store Signage

1. The Wall is a Background

Sometimes placement is everything. While we might not all have fancy frames and decorum, most businesses have walls. This can be pretty unique because it’s almost a dimensional attachment to the wall. In this case, it will most likely be a large sign.

This is a great location to use retail signage that displays a creative logo and maybe something you want people to notice about your store. This form of in-store signage is simple yet artfully effective. It’s a great way to spruce up or accent a wall that needs a little something and yet happily represent your business at the same time.

2. Color is Everything

From storefront signs to digital signage and everything in between, you’ve got to choose colors wisely. Highly visible color schemes get a much better response compared to dull colors that don’t stand out.

We also recommend that you use signage colors that will contrast with each other as this makes the different parts of the sign stand out better. If you aren’t sure what colors to use, primary colors are always a good place to start.

3. Time for a Selfie!

Ok, so not every customer or potential customer is going to need to take a picture, but some of them might! If you’re in a location where maybe you get travelers and tourists coming by, or perhaps your store offers significance to people in some way, you want to give them the chance for that photo op.

Part of the customer experience includes the ability to take a picture with your sign, so make it worth their while! It’s the perfect chance to give people a moment, and when they share that photo on social media, it means they are sharing your name and raising awareness for your business.

This doesn’t just apply to outdoor retail signage. You can set up retail displays or even create a photo op wall that sets the perfect stage for your customers to take those selfies.

4. Make it Seasonal

You know what people really love? Seasonal stuff! Whether it’s Easter, Halloween, 4th of July, New Years, Christmas, or any other seasonal type of year, your customers will be drawn to seasonal signage.

When you’re considering signage ideas, be sure to use styles and designs that fit the season. If you’re a clothing store, you can make it festive with fall, summer, and other seasonal approaches.

You can carry this idea to just about any store. A business that takes advantage of popular seasons is a business that knows how to do things in style with its signs.

Seasonal signage can be used in window displays, storefront areas, and other high-traffic areas. They’re great for driving sales and welcoming people.

5. It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane… It’s a CAR

Yep, you read that right. You can even put signage on a car to represent your brand. While this may not be the solution for every company, you might be surprised at how a car can help you represent. That car will take your message literally everywhere it goes.

Signs don’t always have to be in a store. This is the perfect opportunity to get creative. We understand not every company (or car) will be interested in this, but it’s a great way to promote.

6. Try an Image

Store signs are meant to relay a message, but why not reduce the words and use an image when you can? Customers find images to be attractive and convenient when it comes to signage ideas. Sometimes, a simple image is more likely to attract the attention of people than a bunch of words on signs.

Images can often speak volumes, and they simplify a sign. You can use images on any type of signage idea, including outdoor signage, in-store signage, and more.

Unique Signage inspiration for a grocery store aisle
For example, a flower shop might choose to have a bouquet or a flower arrangement image on a sign. They can pair it with a logo or the company name, but prospective customers may attract to the arrangement or the image of flowers in action.

The image sometimes makes the items more realistic and can even offer ideas and inspiration to prospective customers that they wouldn’t have noticed before.

7. QR Codes in a Retail Store

As customers navigate through the store and see smaller signs in varying areas, it might be beneficial to have a QR code to direct them for some things.

The benefit of a QR code is that it directs that foot traffic into web traffic so they are accessing your website, and they will have it readily available on their mobile device. You’ve probably seen places like restaurants encouraging people to use their QR codes for menus.

You can use this concept on just about anything. Try” scan the QR code to reveal your discount code” or make it something fun. The goal here is to get your website into their focus.

8. Keep it Simple

While you want your retail signage to be bold and make a statement, you also want to keep it simple. This can be applied in a lot of different ways.

Keep the message on your retail signage short and sweet (but still attractive). It needs to be something that they can quickly glance at and pretty much get the concept of without spending a lot of time on it.

You want to make sure that your store signage ideas don’t become chaotic and overwhelming. It’s ok to break up in-store signage into multiple signs. Find ways to break it up or condense what you’re trying to portray.

9. Make it Useful

As you’re considering retail signage examples, perhaps the most important tip you can use is to make sure your signage is useful. Things like directional signage always serve a purpose, and other types of signs should also serve a purpose.

If your sign is meaningless and just wasting space, go ahead and skip it.

10. Try New Things

When you think of retail signage, do you just think of storefront sign ideas? Maybe you immediately think of things like digital signage.

While retail signage certainly includes those, it’s not limited to them!

There are so many different types of signs out there. Certainly, your storefront sign ideas are designed to make a first impression and encourage customers to come inside, but what about after they’ve entered?

Signage on the walls, maybe hanging retail signage, and other store signage will communicate to the customer with the store. They can see sales, where to find a brand or department with directional signage, and maybe even find inspiration in signs with images.

Signage can even be on the floor in the form of mats and floor stickers. Get creative and try new signs – remember they need to serve a purpose!

Full wall signage in a retail store

11. Stylish Talks

Every retailer should seek to be stylish within their market. You’re going to use your logo for most signs, but you also want to bring your A-game in the style department when you create the storefront look to attract clients both old and new.

12. Appeal to the Market

Retailers and businesses offer services to specific markets and genres. When you create your example, be sure that you create it to be on brand and appeal to the appropriate market. Should it be chic, should it be funny, should it be modern?

Represent the brand appropriately.

13. Make Your Store Signage Ideas Custom

Set yourself apart from every other brand and space by making sure you have a custom look. Don’t copycat another retail business in the same market or that competitor down the street. Create a custom look that coordinates with your brand style.

Benefits of Retail Signage Examples

Now that you’ve got your inspiration, what are you going to do with it? From storefront sign ideas to retail signage throughout the store, what are the benefits of using these?

Check these out!

Sign over men's fitting rooms


Let’s face it you might not be able to physically speak to every single customer that walks through the door. While in customer service, we sure try to communicate and greet as much as we can, but it’s easy to get busy.

We also might not be able to spend a lot of time telling each customer every detail they should know upon entry into a retail store, right?

This is where store signage ideas can be put to great use. Retail signage is a great communicator. This is why you always want to make sure your signs are useful and informative. Customers value the information they can find on signage both inside and outside.

The storefront can tell customers what to expect inside, and then signs on the inside should further service your customers.

Marketing is More than Just Storefront Sign Ideas

When it comes to advertising and looking for ways to promote your services, let signs do the work for you. In terms of advertising, signs are one of the more cost-effective solutions out there. A storefront sign is incredibly important, but so are other types of signs.

Digital signage can certainly be a little bit more expensive, but other types of signs don’t have to break the bank. Your goal is to share with returning and prospective customers, and if you put these signage ideas to good use, you might make more sales thanks to your sign.

Section sign in department store
The storefront sign very well might matter here, but internal store signs will also make a difference.

Improve Sales

When you have signed in the form of a storefront sign and internal signs, it very well might improve your sales. Signs are a great way to value your customer’s time. Customers can see what they need to see and go where they need to go within your business.

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Put Your Store Signage Ideas to Work!

In closing, store signage models your retail space for customers. Bring in the experts to help you create a storefront look and communicate to your customers in the manner that you need to.

Remember that customers rely on your business signage, from storefront signs to every little sign inside, to point them on their way. Take advantage of these tips to create the storefront sign or alternative retail sign that is appropriate for your business and your customers.

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