Hanging retail signage

Hanging Retail Signage at a store

A popular type of retail signage is hanging signs. These work great in some areas, but you want to know how to make them work the best for your space. Retail stores can use hanging signs for any number of purposes. We’ve got a useful article about 13 retail signage ideas right here too.

The one thing to remember is that the purpose is to attract customers, so you sign designs, and the way you are hanging the signs needs to be considered and chosen carefully before it happens.

Let’s check out all of the details!

Bath & Body Works Hanging Signs

Why Use Hanging Signs?

Different stores may use this type of sign for different reasons. The majority of the time, a hanging sign is used because the store has a short-term promotion. However, a store might also use these signs for identifying departments throughout the store, directional signage, categories, or other uses as well.

In some cases, a hanging sign is hung from the ceiling, but there are times when they are used outdoors to identify the store as well.

Even banners fall under the category of hanging signs, so it’s not always just a drop-down sign from the ceiling.

The thing about a sign you hang is that it won’t be eye level. However, it will be something that people will be able to spot easily. If it’s hanging on the walls or from ceilings, it will share some sort of detail that people around the shop may be looking for.

In the case where they are used to point out where to go for a display or where to find the hardware department, it can be incredibly helpful. A shopper can walk in the entrance, look around for the hanging indicators, and head exactly where they need to be!

A hanging sign might also be used on the exterior of businesses to display their official business sign. This is typically done when that is the best way to attach the sign or when they want it to be noticed.

This method is popular for boutiques and downtown shopping areas or places with small shops.

Examples of Hanging Signs in Stores

  • Convenience Stores use them to help save space and provide direction for their customers.
  • Supermarkets use them to help you know where to find the department you need. Looking for hardware? That ceiling sign says it’s in the Southeast corner.
  • Department and retail businesses also use hanging signage for directional use. Separation of departments, aisle track, and easy visibility are the key to this type of business.
  • Parking Lots might use a custom sign to help you identify where you are parked so you can notate that and find your parking spot later. Parking garages use them to identify height limitations for entry and exit of the garage.
  • Stadiums use these signs to identify seating sections and other locations that you might need to be aware of when attending an event.
  • Medical Facilities like hospitals and doctor’s offices might display important information for visitors and patients to be able to find their way around or be aware of any rules for visiting.
  • Outdoor Venues like fairgrounds are set up to host events, so a sign that is hanging might be the best way to tell patrons where they should be with their farm animals.

This is not an all-inclusive list, but it gives you a general idea of some of the ways that hanging signs are regularly used.

Hanging Watch Sign
They might also be used for outdoor signage or perhaps for special events, airports, distribution centers, and plenty of other uses.

We also want to point out that while ceilings are the most commonplace to hang these signs, they can hang from the wall or even on the outside of the store or business location. All it takes is the right hardware and the right sign.

Race Cars Signage

Types of Custom Signs for Hanging

When it comes to signs that are hung up, you will find there is a wide selection of options, just as there are for other forms of signage.

Most hanging displays of signage will need to be installed, and some of them may require equipment to do so.

Signs come in a variety of material options. Here are some of the most common materials for this form of sign.

    • Foamboard
    • Polystyrene
    • Cardstock
    • PVC Banner
    • Expanded PVC
    • Metal
    • Wood
    • HDE (high density urethane)

    These are the most common materials, but there are other potential options out there. It depends on the purpose of your sign.

    In addition to the different types of materials, signs can be made into different shape options. You can create custom details and design options for these in all sorts of ways. From shape to logo to graphics and everything in between.

    Choosing Hanging Signs for Retail Stores

    Now, you know the basics of how many different options there are for signs and what they can be used for but do you know how to pick out a sign? We’ve got some basic tips for choosing your custom printed hanging signs, so check out these steps to work through the process.

    Signs hanging in a Zales Store

    Pick out Custom Printed Detailing

    To have a sign, you have to create the sign, right? This means you need a design to apply to the material that you choose for the sign.

    So what goes into the custom printed details? Colors and font are what we are focusing on in this step.

    Your colors need to be bold and easily visible but still in line with the brand and business color schemes. You also want to choose a font that is easy to read and will be visible from a distance. We recommend avoiding curvy fonts or at least keeping them to a minimum.

    If the detail is in a curvy font, it becomes hard to read for some, so it’s better to use a simple font, although if a small amount, such as the business name, is in cursive, that won’t be a big deal.

    When you choose your colors, try to choose colors that will stand out against each other. It’s important to stick with suitable brand colors, but again, visibility is what you’re going for.

    Here are some of the best combinations for visibility purposes.

    1. White on Blue
    2. Green on White
    3. Yellow on Black
    4. Black on Yellow
    5. Black on White

    Again, you’re looking for visibility, and these have been shown to work for that purpose. You want your customers to be able to see what is on the sign easily.

    Display the Message

    Now, it’s time to create your message for your signs. What are you trying to get across? While sometimes more information is better, this is probably not one of those times.

    Hanging signs should be able to be read quickly and easily. On the same note, you still want your message to be attractive to customers and capture their attention. Sometimes it’s all in the wording.

    Chances are you have a marketing expert around to help you create the right message here, but you might try coming up with some spunky ideas.

    Don’t get carried away, remember that you still want to keep it short and simple. If it takes them 10 minutes to read the sign, they probably won’t!

    Make the message both appealing and straight to the point.

    Sign Size

    Alright, you’ve got your plan with a message and your color scheme. Now, what size do you need for this custom sign? Remember that custom signs can be created in just about any shape or size that a business might need.

    Panda Express Sign on the wall

    If the material can be adjusted to your request, you can totally have it!

    There are some logistics in choosing the sizing. Consider the space in the store as well as the placement of the signage. You want to be sure that the size you go with works as it is intended and that it fits without being way too small or way too large.

    Large Format Sign Outside of Robinsons May

    Hanging the Sign

    Finally, it’s time to hang it up! You can always use a professional sign company to help create the sign but also to help with hanging signs. We have a variety of material options to hang up your sign.

    Whether you’re hanging this on a wall, in the window, over the sidewalk, or up on the ceiling, having the proper hardware to hose the sign is incredibly important.

    You may need special hardware to mount signs in certain locations. If the sign is heavy or placed in specific areas, you might need brackets to support the weight or design of the sign.

    In addition, some signs hang with varying materials too. If your sign is attached to the ceiling, it might be attached to chains to drop it down to the level it needs to be.

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    Custom Signs for Hanging

    Professional sign companies are the most trustworthy source when it comes to creating the solution you need. With your direction, they can use your logo and design concepts to help put together the best possible product.

    When you’re ready to install or create signs, trust the experts to help you get the job done. In all of the excitement, we can work with you from start to finish, With the guaranteed chance to approve a design before your signage is officially created.

    No matter what width, length, or carved shape you’re going for, we can help! Give us a phone call to get started.

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