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by | May 31, 2021 | Los Angeles

How they see you is how they write about you? Not when it comes to Hollywood’s top celebrities. In their case, the more they are seen, the more they are reported. Judging by the way the world’s most popular artists live, we can say that they like to be noticed. In this case, however, the measure of a celebrity’s greatness is not done through a resume. Not even an Oscar award, or an iconic movie performance. It’s measured by their villa in Los Angeles.

Hollywood celebrity homes are most prevalent in Los Angeles. After all, it’s America’s film capital. How exactly do these famous people live? Here are some of the most interesting homes of Hollywood celebrities.

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Where do Hollywood celebrities live?

Ever since Los Angeles became the capital of the American film industry, it was only natural for actors and filmmakers to settle here. Celebrities want to be close to the studios. That is why we have the highest density of movie stars in this city. Most estates are concentrated around the so-called Golden Triangle of Los Angeles. It consists of Beverly Hills, Bel Air, and Holmby Hills. Properties in this area are some of the most expensive in the entire United States. The main thoroughfare is the famous Sunset Boulevard or Sunset Street.

Holmby Hills is/was home to estates of celebrities such as:

  • Michael Jackson
  • Hugh Hefner
  • Aaron Spelling
  • Jimmy Iovine

The Spelling family estate stands out in this group and is one of the most expensive in the United States. Aaron Spelling is a well-known television and film producer. His daughter, Tori, is a little better known. She played in the series “Beverly Hills 90210”, produced by her father. The Spelling family estate has 100 rooms and was sold in 2011 for 85 million dollars.

The most expensive celebrity homes in Los Angeles

Actor Eddie Murphy owns a $20 million mansion completed in 2005. It has:

  • Several indoor and outdoor heated pools
  • A tennis court
  • A bowling alley
  • A beautiful garden
  • A library that stretches over two floors
  • A huge entertainment room

The property is located in the famous area of Beverly Hills 90210.

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Before Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes split, they managed to buy one of the most expensive houses in Beverly Hills. It cost them 35 million dollars. Luxury, elegance, and abundance. These are the words that best describe this house both inside and outside. The property has nine bathrooms and seven double bedrooms. This is not to mention the swimming pools and the tennis court. For added privacy, the entire house is surrounded by a very high fence. The original construction of the house dates back to the 1930s. Yet, it got its current shape after many renovations and alterations.

And of course, the houses of Aaron Spelling and Nicolas Cage are also among the most expensive. There are many more celebrities who have houses in Los Angeles. They are willing to pay almost any price for comfort and convenience. After all, the size and the number of rooms are not the only things that matter. They expect swimming pools, garages for at least several cars, gyms, and home spas. Some want separate rooms for yoga practice, meditation, or cinema rooms. When money is not a constraint, you can fulfill your whims.



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