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Crate & Barrel construction banner by Platon Graphics - two large white construction banners with black text that says "Crate & Barrel"
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Crate & Barrel Spring 2011 construction fence banner made by Platon Graphics
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collection of mesh construction banners at "The Point" in El Segundo made by Platon Graphics

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While there were lower bids for our barricades, we chose platon because of their quality, service, and ability to meet our deadlines.

They always make Guess? look good.

Diane Busch

Guess? Inc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are custom construction banners weather-resistant?
Yes, most custom construction banners are made from weather-resistant materials that can withstand outdoor conditions. However, it’s always good to check with the manufacturer or supplier to ensure that the banner will hold up well in your specific location and weather conditions.
What are custom construction banners?

Custom construction banners are banners that are designed specifically for construction sites. They can include information about the project, company branding, and safety messages.

What materials are used for custom construction banners?

Custom construction banners are typically made from durable materials such as vinyl or mesh, which can withstand outdoor conditions and last for a long time.

How can I design custom construction banners?
Custom construction banners can be designed using graphic design software such as Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop. You can also work with a professional graphic designer to create a custom design that meets your specific needs.
How long does it take to create custom construction banners?
The time it takes to create custom construction banners can vary depending on the complexity of the design and the size of the banner. On average, it takes about 1-3 days for a simple design and up to 2 weeks for a more complex design.
How much do custom construction banners cost?
The cost of custom construction banners can vary depending on the size, material, and complexity of the design. On average, a custom banner can cost anywhere from $50 to $1000 or more.

While there were lower bids for our barricades, we chose platon because of their quality, service, and ability to meet our deadlines. They always make Guess? look good.

Diane Busch

Guess? Inc.

Learn More About a Construction Banner

Construction Banner

Construction banners are commonly used to promote a construction project or provide safety warnings. They can be made from various materials such as vinyl, mesh, or fabric and come in different sizes. It’s important to ensure that the banner meets local regulations and is securely installed for maximum effectiveness. A construction banner is a godsend for many business owners and developers. As a real estate developer and construction business owner, you’re likely to worry about building and project costs. But promoting your business with a branded construction banner, ensuring job site safety, and creating a positive image within the community are just as important. Construction banners will come in handy in concealing debris and raising awareness on an ongoing development project.

Maybe you’re building a new condo or a new business complex, and the owner asks you to advertise on a construction fence screen or banner. The mesh fence is a natural choice for many people in the construction business, which holds up well to harsh weather and the elements. Because it is breathable, the material lets wind pass through so that it won’t tear or flap in windy weather.

What Are Construction Site Banners?

Mesh banners and screens are common type of construction banner used as coverings around construction sites. Along with hiding debris and advertising new housing estates, custom printed  banners help beautify the roads along the construction area. These banners come in open weave or closed weave. Custom fence screens have a range of outdoor applications as well. You mostly see them on chain link fences, though people install them on any type of wall or fence. People use them in:

  • Construction sites
  • Schools
  • Sporting events
  • Advertising locations
  • Corporate events
  • Concerts
  • Renovation projects

Fence wraps are made by printing an image or graphics like construction signs on a solid vinyl or a vinyl mesh material. To use these wraps at a construction site, you would need hanging accessories. These include bungee cords for easy installation of the banner, a 10 feet nylon rope to hang your mesh banner, zinc-plated hanging clips, and zip ties to fasten your mesh banner to the fence. Specific banner installations require pole pockets, which allow banners to slide over cables or poles. Some people add grommets, usually made of rubber/ plastic/ metal, to help reinforce the banner holes.

Construction Banner Finishing Options

Check out five standard finishing options for construction signs and banners:

Flush Cut: Another option for your construction mesh banner is the flush cut, where the banner is cut to the same size as the design. It’s the opposite of the welded hem. This type of finishing is available for no extra charge and can be modified on our design tool at the designing stage.

Grommets: 3/8″ metal rings are inserted into the fence banner material, allowing you to attach your banner to the fence using ropes, clips, and zip ties. You can choose to have grommets placed every 24 inches along the banner’s edges or at the four corners.

Pole Pockets: Available at an additional cost, pole pockets are 3″ pockets that are sewn to the top or bottom of your mesh banner. These pockets allow you to hang the banner with a rope or install it between posts.

Reinforced Edges: With this type, a durable webbing is sewn at 1.5″ intervals around the hem, on the four sides of the banner. What this does is protect the banner material from tearing.

Sewn Hem: Another free finishing option, the sewn hem involves heat welding the borders of the solid vinyl fence wraps to create a strong border and a high-quality finished edge. This option doesn’t work with pocket holes.

Benefits of Custom Mesh Banners

Fence screen banners have many benefits, including:

Weather-Resistant and Waterproof

Our 8 oz vinyl construction banners have perforations and are perfect for continual outdoor use. They can endure both high winds and torrential rain. You can rest easy knowing they won’t get torn or ripped in extreme weather conditions.

Ideal for Windy Areas

Construction banners typically have a 70:30 material-to-hole ratio, allowing wind gusts to pass through the banner without catching the wind or tearing the material.

Durable 8 oz Vinyl Material

The 8 oz vinyl material, which is used to produce banners, is built to last. It can resist physical damage from ripping to fraying and tearing. What’s more, the material is fade-resistant. With an average lifespan of three years, the banner will hold up well until your construction work is completed.

Large Signage

Mesh banners are suitable for your large outdoor signage needs. It’s possible to produce a variety of banner sizes for your construction site, all the way up to 10′ x 145′.

Digitally Printed

Banners for construction sites are digitally printed at a sharper resolution of 720 x 720 or even higher. The resulting full-color print displays all your stunning graphics and colorful designs vividly and professionally.

FAQs about Construction Site Banners

Here, we provide answers to common questions concerning mesh banners and fence wraps commonly used on the construction site.

What materials are construction banners made from?

Do construction banners come with wind slits?

What sizes do banners come in?

Will the construction banner allow light to pass through it?

Are construction banners printed on both sides?

Do construction banners block vision?

How much do construction banners cost?

How long does it take to make a construction banner?

Order quality construction banners, fence wraps, and mesh banners for your construction site

Construction site banners are affordable, versatile, and easy to use. Whether you see an advertising opportunity, just want to conceal your job site, or need a large space to provide key details about an upcoming project, we’ve got banners for you. You can even add colorful depictions of what the completed project will look like to your banners. We use state-of-the-art printing that produces full-color images on our rolls of mesh. There’s no cost difference if you choose full-color printing over single color. We use high saturation inks that provide excellent coverage and reproduce complex and colorful designs accurately. You can send us your original artwork with the logo and message or let our professional graphic designers help you create stunning visuals for your mesh fence banners.
It’s easy to order custom fence wraps. Take advantage of our online design tool to try out different background colors. Upload your design or choose from many templates with graphics, then add project information. Our design tool lets you create and edit text, change colors, or adjust sizing, and you can add your company logo, image, graphics, and signs before it goes to print. Our world-class printers can print large fence wraps, allowing you to cover entire fences and large areas. Check out the wide variety of custom banner options on our website. If you need assistance or have special instructions for your construction site banners and signs, please call our toll-free line to speak to our customer support. Platon Graphics isn’t simply entrusted to supply you with quality digital printing, quick pivot time, eco-friendly printing materials, assist with fulling administration yet in addition at an exceptionally cutthroat cost. Simply search “construction banners near me” and you’ll think that we are on the main page. Much obliged to you for your advantage in Platon Graphics, we expect to serve you later on!

Why do construction companies use construction banners?

Temporary fences are of crucial importance for securing construction and renovation sites. Thanks to them you can avoid unnecessary accidents. Protect expensive machines and property. Cover up the parts that are not so pretty such as excavations and piles of construction materials. Without further ado, here are some of the main reasons for construction companies to use construction banners.

Why are they so popular with construction companies?

Temporary fences are of crucial importance for securing construction and renovation sites. Thanks to them you can avoid unnecessary accidents. Protect expensive machines and property. Cover up the parts that are not so pretty such as excavations and piles of construction materials. Without further ado, here are some of the main reasons for construction companies to use construction banners.

Do they really improve security?

Do they really help with safety?

Do they really help with safety?

Are they expensive?

Are they good for advertising?

What are they made of?

How long do they last?