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Different Types of Window decals for business

For repeat and step banner setups, custom backdrops are usually used. These backdrops can be combined with mesh banners to make stage banners. For photoshoots, the Step and Repeat backdrop banner can be used. This banner is used to enhance the background’s quality. These custom banners make any event look like a red carpet. This makes the atmosphere more attractive. The new products will be more attractive, and the photos will last years in print and on the internet.

Every glitter topper birthday party, event, or other occasion is an unforgettable moment of sharing. This is a wonderful way to capture these special moments uniquely. Find out more about step and repeat setups. Order yours now!

Some ideas for creating custom backgrounds?

The background you create for your event, product or company contributes to:

  • Reinforcing your message
  • Adding extra intrigue
  • Maintaining your audience’s interest

How can you elevate your banner? You can maximize the impact of your promotional campaign by being creative with your canvas.

Layer shapes

You can personalize vinyl backdrops by overlaying the shapes. You may have used shapes in the past to support images in your story. They can do so much more.

It is very simple. Combining a few shapes can result in unique patterns and designs. You can combine different shapes, or they can all be the same. Be sure to adapt the colors of your shapes to the content you are promoting or the product they are representing.

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Room sets

It is possible to design a room decor if you have a particular environment, such as a school, home, or office. Images and inspiration can be found online. You can also create your very own rooms if you’re looking for something unique.

Another way to do this is to create pairs of back rooms. This gives you an idea of the rooms’ location without having to show the entire room. You can, for example, use the image of the desktop on top of a computer. You can then add homework-related graphics to it.


Zoom in on images

You can also use individual images to create a background. Zoom in on your camera to do this. This expands your background options instantly. You just need to choose the right picture. You can also think about the many ways you can use images to support your story.

When you are working in the foreground, make sure to lock your backgrounds. It is important not to move your best background images.

Stage Design Ideas

The guests will have a more enjoyable experience thanks to your careful scenography. Your audience will be seduced before they even see the main entertainment or speaker. Staging is used to set the mood and increase the reaction of the audience. You can let your imagination soar by learning the basics of staging. This gives you the freedom to create your personal touch. This will help your audience feel more at ease and attract their attention.

Cardstock Cutouts

You can add movement to your project by using cardboard cutouts in different colors. Place them on a wire and let them dry under the appropriate lighting. This will create a unique stage. This is a simple method that costs less than other options.


Spandex is a cheap material. Spandex is a great way to transform unattractive items into something beautiful. To make your show stand out, you can even incorporate lighting elements.

Corrugated Plastic

Corrugated plastic models are a cost-effective option for lighting. They are a popular choice. So are mesh banners. You can customize this method to suit your needs by choosing from a variety of sizes and shapes.

Foam Board

Another affordable material option that allows for great creativity is this: Mount foam board that can be shaped and projected. Combinations like a wooden frame can create a unique look.

Built-in Venue Features

You should make the most of your meeting space’s amenities. These amenities can be incorporated into the beautiful decor. This will not increase your budget, but it will improve the quality of your display.

Geometric Patterns

Retro designs often use geometric patterns. You can adjust the number or size of the shapes to make them more interesting and useful in small and large spaces. They can be used to frame and cover secondary scenes. They can be mounted on wheels and are portable.


It is crucial to count how many guests will be attending your event. Determine which guests are most likely for their photo taken in front of the backdrop.

The background should be at least 8 feet high. The width can be customized to suit your needs. Another option is to use Step and Repeat. A 4’x8′ sign can be used with your company logo and other information. You can save extra area by using this site. You should make sure that your banner has grommets, especially if it is a larger one.

Benefits of using a larger banner:

  • The background edges are less obvious in the images.
  • Take multiple photos of people against the wall.
  • Highlighting the visual aspects of your event, particularly at the entrance.

The advantages of using a smaller banner

  • Integrates with any space, even small (for example, behind your trade show stand)



Size your logo and company name to ensure they are legible. No matter how many people are in the picture, they must be visible in the lens. The result is typically a small logo measuring 9 to 11 inches in width and 5 to 7 inches in height. This should be placed in a repeating pattern that runs the length of the background.


Textual art is becoming increasingly popular. There are many fonts available, and they are all beautiful. Choose the one that best suits the brand’s personality. It doesn’t have to be difficult to read if it becomes smaller.


You can make your event professional by choosing a theme and coordinating the colors. Your Step and Repeat banner color should match the theme of the event.

Avoid anchors and leave plenty of white space to avoid vinyl reflecting ugly reflections. Some people add a slight grey tint on vinyl to reduce glare. It will still appear white in the shots, but it is not too scary.

You may prefer a colored Step and Repeat Banner. If so, you can choose a fabric. The vinyl may be reflected by too much ink. Be sure to pick a color that will make your subject stand out from the background when choosing a color. Glitter can cause unwanted reflections, so don’t use it.

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Select a theme that is minimalistic, professional, and with no frills. The best option is to stick with classic black and white. You can create a rainbow effect using all primary colors if you aren’t sure. Use the pastel color palette for a soft effect. This creates a relaxing effect by using pastels such as pink, lavender, soft yellows, oranges, and mint green. Green is the best color to create a natural setting. You can experiment with the different colors until you achieve the illusion that you desire. Platon Graphics isn’t simply entrusted to supply you with quality digital printing, quick pivot time, eco friendly printing materials, assist with fulling administration yet in addition at an exceptionally cutthroat cost. Simply search “custom backdrop near me” and you’ll think that we are on the main page. Much obliged to you for your advantage in Platon Graphics, we expect to serve you later on !

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