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Mesh Banners are here! Is your banner going to be out in the open for a long time? Is it likely that your area will experience extreme weather? Do you desire to be in total control of the environment and how it affects you? Platon Graphics isn’t simply entrusted to supply you with quality digital printing, quick pivot time, eco friendly printing materials, assist with fulling administration yet in addition at an exceptionally cutthroat cost. Simply search “mesh banners near me” and you’ll think that we are on the main page. Much obliged to you for your advantage in Platon Graphics, we expect to serve you later on !

Your best option is custom mesh banner printing with mesh Vinyl. These custom banners are the ideal solution for easy and trouble-free windy situations. Learn more about why banners with grommets work.

Wind can pass through because of the mesh’s perforated structure. This allows wind to pass through the mesh without pulling on it or damaging it. It is semi-translucent, which makes it stand out. This allows it to partially see-through. This allows for air to pass better, as well as light and sound.

Vinyl or other backdrops can still be used outdoors. However, they are not impervious to wind. Mesh banners can be used for windy conditions. Because mesh banners allow wind to pass through them, they are superior to standard vinyl banners. This mesh banner material is extremely popular on construction sites. They are commonly mounted on a fence at construction sites. The mesh material lasts longer than construction fences.

They can also be used to generate more business on a business day for retail stores. Mesh advertising banners are a popular choice for outdoor events. This also applies to outdoor applications.

Mesh banner materials can be hung properly and last for up to a year. They can even last longer if not exposed to extreme wind conditions. An ordinary banner would not be able to provide this performance. The transparent mesh banners can be used where other banners, such as polyester fabric banners, do not work. A gate or fence would be an example.

Sometimes, wind slits may be used to vent wind in very windy circumstances. These features are extremely popular among street advertisers. Because images must be clear, this is why they are so popular with street marketers. They are also the most preferred choice for:

  • Construction companies
  • Real estate agents
  • Restaurants
  • Hair salons
  • Sport stores
  • Marketing events
  • Artwork displayed

Popular uses for Mesh Banners

Mesh banners can be a great way to display your message. They are adaptable to all environments, indoors and out. These mesh banners are available in both horizontal and vertical banner designs and have a higher outdoor performance. Mesh banners are extremely popular in high winds zones. This is in contrast to unperforated, solid vinyl banners. This is what large format and classic banners are printed on, often with custom backdrops. Perforated mesh material allows the banner to flow with the wind instead of acting as a sail. Here are some common uses for the mesh banners’ printable surface.

  • Window Sun Shades are suitable for indoor branding. Advertisement banners are also possible where maximum visibility is required, and sun protection is desired.
  • Fence Banners: Wind can pass through the tiny holes in the banner. They achieve this feat without creating the sail effect. The sail effect is also characteristic of banners made from other materials. These banners are also flexible, thanks to wind slits.
  • Roadside Signs are a great option for advertising banners on one side that don’t require wind slots.


  • Construction signs – Large construction signs
  • Trade shows and business events – retractable banner stands used as adjustable posters Also suitable for table banners



Solid installation

You can resist wind by placing mesh banners on chain-link fences. It supports them regardless of their size or color, PVC vinyl mesh banners. This will reinforce the mesh pattern and highlight its nature. This gives you the freedom to place your outdoor mesh banner with minimal interference to the background panel or overlay. An additional grommet attaches the banner to the fence at various points. This allows for easy mounting.

A custom mesh banner is usually equipped with zippers or ropes to act as a fence banner. They can also be mounted on poles with a pole pocket. All these features are great and it’s not necessary to account for the available space. Mesh banners are flexible and can be used in any location. They can be mounted anywhere they want without adding clutter.

High Wind Banner Finishing

Mesh banners have a hem, so they can withstand all kinds of weather. A grommet and this hem help to reinforce the display. You have many options if you need top protection but want it to be light. This can be done by securing your banner with tiny holes or wrapping it in a fence.

All banners made from lightweight mesh material have hemmed edges. This applies to all styles. This includes outdoor banners for outdoor events other mesh fencing banners, and mesh vinyl banners.

The hems can be reinforced by having them sewn twice. You can also use plastic tabs to strengthen the standard grommets. This will lower the chances of the banner’s eyelets tearing or breaking. A mesh banner can be made windy by adding flaps or slits.

A welded hem is used by some businesses. It strengthens the trim line. We then reinforce our hems using metal grommets. The reinforced corners provide maximum protection against high winds.

High Wind Banner Shapes

Special graphics and shapes are available for high winds. The horizontal banner is the most popular. These banners can be used as fence-mounted banners and are tied with zip ties (or a bungee string). We also make high-wind banners in either square or vertical configurations.

  • Horizontal banner: Horizontal Banners are the most commonly used model for metal displays. Traditionally, they have a 1-inch-long hem along all sides. We add grommets to the top and bottom.
  • Square banner: While less common, square banners can be equally as coveted. The banners come with a 1-inch hem along all sides and grommets on the top and the bottom.
  • Vertical banner: These banners are less used, but they are just as effective. They are usually finished with a 1-inch hem along all sides and grommets on the top and base.
  • Building wraps: This is a banner that covers a large area of a building.
  • Stage banners: The stage banner can be used as a backdrop in productions. These are the places where a sturdy vinyl banner can handle wind load from an outdoor production.

You are at our service with a Bigger Banner!

Do not take chances with custom banners that are easily destroyed by the wind. Mesh banners can withstand adverse weather conditions. Platon Graphics makes it impossible to hear your poster flapping. Use our mesh banner printing method! We will help you present your products and make your outdoor celebrations more memorable.

We are available to assist you, whether you require a standard vinyl banner or an indoor double-sided banner. We can print all the mesh banners. No more cutting wind slits with these solid backdrops. These can be harmful to your advertising campaign.

Use our design tool to create yours and select from many fonts. Your single file can be uploaded in zip format. Fast shipping guaranteed. Do you need an order proof or a color match proof? Reach out to our friendly customer support!

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