When Vertical Banners Are Useful

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While we don’t yet know why it works, no one can ignore a vertical vinyl banner. As a result, vertical banners are a crucial tool in many advertising campaigns.

  • Stimulating sales
  • Promotion of an Inauguration
  • Decorate a storefront
  • Tourists orientated

Custom banners can be displayed in a vertical format and are versatile and attractive. These banners are a great way to advertise your product. A powerful message is essential to attract people’s attention. Vertical banners are used for retail marketing. The recipient must react to the layout with an innovative and responsive print.

These are some ideas to make your vertical banners work to their full potential. Vertical Banners work well for X Stand Banners, mainly when using grommets.

Vertical banners: When should you use them?

There are countless advertising vinyl backdrops in all shapes and sizes. We have many options during these tumultuous times, yes even during the pandemic era. But, first, let’s look at the trendy and well-known vertical banner advertising banner.

As a banner advertisement, one that is printed in vertical orientation work well. Custom banners vertically oriented are great for places that have limited horizontal space, such as:

  • Floor to ceiling windows
  • Doors
  • Hallway walls
  • Walkways
  • Street posts
  • Bus stops

Vertical banners are a great solution in all these areas. Vertical banners make the most of available space and maximize it. It must be concise. This is where height is an asset. These compositions are remarkable for bulleted lists. These compositions can also be used to create specifications or other information. They are easier to read from top to bottom.

Vertical Versus Horizontal

The large banners that hang from the ceiling of malls, between shops, and beside directories are what you first notice when you enter. You may also see large, wide posters of skyscrapers along the walls of a shop that is in construction. You’ll be bombarded with exciting announcements at this type of special event. You will be attracted to information and promotions that grab your attention. These banners should be hung by people who can decide the orientation. What orientation should it take?

Both solutions deliver the same message efficiently. Both solutions have their advantages, however. Sometimes, one strategy is more appropriate than the other because of these differences. First, let’s take a look at the differences between these two types of banners. Next, we will determine where each banner should be placed for better visibility.

Banners made to order

Horizontal banners are more common than vertical banners. These banners offer a unique niche marketing opportunity. This modern banner is especially well-suited for filling small spaces. They would otherwise be unattractive and unused.

They can be hung on high ceilings. This attracts more attention than horizontal banners. This allows for easier reading. You can create a cascading effect by using the text. This is a significant creative advantage for marketers. This layout is often more suitable for long logos and branding images.

These locations are ideal for companies looking to distribute their advertising posters.

  • Between wall shelves
  • Hinter the cash register
  • In retail outlets
  • Street lamps
  • Between walls
  • On fences
  • Exterior thresholds
  • Retractable banner stands are also a better
  • the choice for vertical banners

What is the difference between horizontal and vertical?

Both types of customizable banners have different benefits. However, unlike step and repeat banners, they share the same goal: to grab attention. Companies can customize their advertising campaigns with minor variations.

Some sample variations may be more effective depending on the size and placement of the banners. However, there are endless creative possibilities in all cases. The results are stunning. Platon Graphics offers mesh, vinyl, or fabric banners. For easy hanging and protection, each banner comes with grommets of high quality.

Use a mix of horizontal and vertical banners to create a compelling visual presentation. This creative combination will draw attention. This innovative mix will attract attention but also add exciting variety to your advertising campaign.

Horizontal banners

You will see horizontal banners most often in supermarket aisles. These banners are used for advertising restaurants, stores, and food. This is the most popular. This surface’s orientation is ideal for creating impressive visual designs. Placing banners creates the “Wow!” effect.

  • Large wall spaces
  • Spread across wide-spaced aisles
  • You will find the entrances to different areas in a store across large spaces.

This layout offers many creative possibilities. It can handle large graphics and logos as well as text. It can also combine high-quality visuals with a large number of words.

What is the best way to choose which type of vertical banner I should use?

The location of your banner will determine the relevance of the material, shape, and visuals. Use weather-resistant materials such as mesh banners for outdoor vertical banners. Indoors, mesh banners are not necessary. Indoor use is possible with vinyl or retractable canvas banners. A mesh banner or fabric banner is the best choice for an outdoor banner. Outdoor vinyl banners are also suitable for outdoor signage.

Decide the mounting method to mount your banner in vertical or horizontal orientation. Banner stands are also required. Each requires a unique fixing technique, pole pockets, and a set of metal grommets to mount.

You have greater flexibility if you use an X frame or retractable banner holders. This flexibility is essential when you need to adjust the location and position of your banner. This is an easy way to communicate your company’s message. Because it’s easy to assemble and transport, this banner is a great choice. The perfect portable solution is the X banner.

Material with single or double sides

Depending on the size of your banner and how it is mounted, a simple banner display may suffice. A single-sided banner is best when the banner is placed against support or wall.

Your poster will be seen from both sides, which is a different situation. A double-sided banner is a great way to ensure your message is visible from all angles. Double-sided banners can be used outdoors. This is also true for sidewalk posters and streetlight banners.

Visual Hierarchy

As a graphic designer, imagine yourself. The visual hierarchy of a banner design is determined by the appropriate and combined use of colors. It is crucial to choose the highlight and size you will give customers. It is essential to draw attention to the relevant information or areas. This allows the designer to promote whatever they wish.

These banners include a call to action. Your goal is to increase your brand reputation and promote your image. Therefore, the most compelling message should stand out.

Select a Clear Font

Vertical banners can be used to convey messages quickly. These banners work best when printed in a clear and easily readable font. You prefer fonts that don’t have serifs, such as Arial, Verdana, or Helvetica. Because they do not have small horizontal lines connecting them, they are easy to read. These lines complete each letter’s strokes.

Spaces are to be avoided. It can be challenging for viewers to distinguish between words if the spacing between characters is too long. Particularly if you are using transparent fabric. Use a roll-up banner to smoothen it. Let it dry in the sun to “iron out” the wrinkles. This will make fonts stand out better.

Vector Images for the Win

High-resolution images are required for large format vertical banner printing. Vector images are used to create customizable banner flags. Vector images, unlike other file formats like bitmap and jpeg, are not made up of pixels. Instead, they are made from mathematical equations. It doesn’t matter how big the ad or the vector image; it will always look sharp. Your vertical banners will look great thanks to the high-resolution printing process.
Define your target audience
Your poster design should reflect the audience. Therefore, it is crucial to determine where and how you can reach your audience.

  • Street view (banner stand lights are helpful)
  • In designated areas of public and private space
  • In a shop or business
  • Performance or exhibition venues
  • At school or university

Here are some events you could target with your poster campaign

  • Exhibitions
  • Concerts
  • Sports events
  • Entertainment for children
  • Conferences and trade shows
  • Galeries of art
  • Presentation and office meeting
  • Birthdays

Knowing your audience’s tastes is essential. This allows you to adapt your communication strategies according to their needs. In addition, this helps you to establish your brand identity and marketing positioning before it happens.

  • Your target audience (age and location, B-to-B or B-to C …))
  • Your offer (product, service, promotion, contest, personalized content)
  • Your competition (about your product, service, or communication).


Select the suitable format for your vertical banner

You have a variety of selections when it comes to the format. There are many options for the size of your poster. However, you will have to consider the limitations of your space and the display medium chosen. Be aware of the context in which you are posting and what message you want to communicate. This should be in line with your message. The format should be adapted to your brand, product, or event. Platon Graphics isn’t simply entrusted to supply you with quality digital printing, quick pivot time, eco friendly printing materials, assist with fulling administration yet in addition at an exceptionally cutthroat cost. Simply search “vertical banners near me” and you’ll think that we are on the main page. Much obliged to you for your advantage in Platon Graphics, we expect to serve you later on !

Find the right balance

Online advertising campaigns must balance visibility and intrusiveness to be successful. You can also play the novelty card as people may be disturbed by vertical banner design ads. This could reflect poorly on your brand. It is important to choose the right and effective size in banner ads.

Low targeting is the weakest form of advertising. These campaigns are often of low quality and lack relevance. Attention must be paid to the quality and relevance of your content. Be sure to align your message’s form with the environment and target. Are you ready for memorable content?

Get professional vertical banner advice

Vertical banners are one of the most traditional communication media. It is also the most popular and effective way to advertise an event or party promotion. This display can adapt to any era. This display has stood up to technological advancements and produced exceptional graphics. Covid-19 is not going to stop you.

Banner advertising can be started with great indoor banners. You can also get a portable, retractable vertical banner. BBB can transform any banner graphic into something unique. We have many different banners to choose from. We offer a wide range of banners, from simple feather flags to an impressive double-sided banner. Get one of our unique hanging banner kits!

You have a lot of creative possibilities. Create your vertical flag banners. To help you with your poster campaign, follow the steps suggested by Platon Graphics. Contact us to get a quote for professional banners in standard or custom sizes. You can also use our design tool to create your ideal pop-up banner using templates. No shipping charges and best price guarantee.

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