What are fence wraps used for?

coming soon construction banner for Crate & Barrel in Downtown Los Angeles

The fence wraps banner provides a perfect mix of strength, aesthetics, and speed of installation. This perimeter protection solution fits into all-natural or urban environments. It prevents intrusions on delimited sites. It also serves as an advertising or decorative panel. A fence wrap can be used in a professional, associative, or private context. But what exactly are fence wraps used for?

Construction Sites

Printing on construction site fencing offers visual communication opportunities, especially ones that impact the public, clients, and businesses. It promotes the project. Its objectives. The delivery deadline. Its environmental commitments. The participants.

Whether outdoors or indoors, the site fence banner enhances the image of the project owner. But also its achievements, its values, its means of contact. Construction Banners are a variation of a fence wrap usually used on building sites. But fence wraps are used in many applications, including home and personal use.

Not to mention the security, confidentiality, and aesthetics of this temporary fencing. It allows decorating the environment of the building site with attractive and valorizing visuals. They can be of vibrant color and material. And at the same time securing and protecting the access to the buildings.

Fence wraps installed during construction at The Point in El Segundo - these are mesh banner fence wraps with customized graphics

Commercial Sites

Supports made of rather rigid materials are an integral part of our daily lives. These include outdoor advertising panels or custom boards, store signs, and other signage. You only have to walk around the urban landscape to see outdoor advertising flourish. 

Professionals have understood it. Fence signs are now essential to get people to notice you. Whether it’s to dress up the walls of an agency, to create a storefront, or just decorate a store.

This option has become an inexpensive means of communication with maximum visibility. And its use is infinite. Here are a few examples:

  • Promotion of a brand
  • Personalized decoration in a store
  • Dissemination of strong values
  • Display of safety standards for building or public works
  • And much more
  • Sports fields

You can use fence wraps to showcase your sponsors around your sports fields. The temporary fence allows you an additional source of income thanks to the sale of advertising slots. Their demand is mainly on the signage at the edge of the field. And occasionally in the waiting lines outside at the entrance of the field.

They are perfect for outdoor use to delimit the edges of:

  • Soccer fields
  • Rugby fields
  • Bicycle races
  • Marathons
  • Road races
  • Trail running
  • And much more

It is also excellent for indoor use to delimit the edges of:

  • Handball fields
  • Basketball fields
  • Volleyball fields
  • Futsal fields
  • Badminton fields
  • Squash fields
  • Tennis fields
  • And much more
  • Schools

In addition to adding a creative touch to the property, the fence wraps can be used to create an original interior decorating complements. They can represent each of the children who contributed to their creation.

The printing of high-resolution photos, drawings, or information on these panels can be used for exhibitions. They can also guide parents in the right direction during on-site events. It can also be used outdoors such as on the playground, or indoors such as in the dining area.


Your favorite photos can be printed on fence wraps and can give a whole new style to your gardens, terraces, and patios. The fabrics are particularly resistant to weather conditions. You can use fence banners during private parties or events to promote a cause that’s close to your heart. Or make your fences more aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

As a bride and groom, you want to announce your wedding in a big and original way at the entrance of the venue or in the garden. The best thing to do is go for a large format wedding sign to dazzle your family and guests!

You can also use a face banner to promote or communicate the sale or rental of a house, an apartment, a piece of land, a room, or a garage. Get a professional and impactful fence banner like a proper real estate agency.

fence panels created for the Long Beach Grand Prix in Long Beach


These portable communication supports are amazing in terms of advertising. They offer the advantage of being easily movable. This allows you to place them in strategic locations where your customers will pass by! Mobile structures are the most popular outdoor signage structures. Especially for retailers, restaurants, and hotels.

Do you need to signal your presence, advertise, announce an event or a festival? The purpose of the advertising fence banner is to showcase the exterior of the place where the commercial activity is carried out. It is, therefore, generally found on the front of the building. It can simply announce the name of the company but also put forward the promotions of the moment.

There are:

  • Directional panels and signs
  • Brand advertising
  • Printed panels positioned outside to guide your customers
  • Banners that broadcast your brand image to a very large potential target.

These panels offer direct contact with your business. And at the same time, they represent your brand’s visual identity.

Wind reduction

Fence wraps are wind-permeable banners. They are most often placed on construction fences or outdoors where there is a lot of wind.

While they keep your property from prying eyes, these opaque fences also catch a lot of wind. A good foundation and the use of stanchions. They are a basic complement for construction fences.

But you can also use this type of fence coverings for private, commercial, informative, or purely decorative purposes. Especially when you live by the sea or in a particularly windy area. They can then be used over your fence, in your garden, or any other outdoor support.

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