Can You Design Your Own Personalized Wallpaper?

People often decorate their homes using many different materials. While most homeowners prefer designing their custom wallpapers at a designer’s shop, some like it best when they design their own.

Platon Graphics has shared the commonest material designers use to update their spaces: paint. This article will share some of the best designer’s ways to decorate home space using wallpaper!

Wallpaper landscape

Wallpapers are fantastic decorative materials you can apply to your home’s interior decoration to give you instant upgrades.

Maybe you will ask, why should you choose wallpapers over paint?

Wallpapers come with numerous benefits. Modern designers like you choose to decorate your homes with wallpapers for the following reasons:

  • Efficient adhering: Wallpapers adhere smoothly and efficiently to the walls. This adherence enables you to hide the many surfaces with imperfection. 
  • Durable: Wallpapers are far much more durable than paints. Single wallpaper can last over 15 years without needing replacement. This long durability makes home maintenance cost-effective. If you hang your Wallpaper correctly, it can last about three times more than paint. Quite amazing! 
  • Stylish: You can add depth, warmth, and style to a house or a jurassic park theme to your walls. Monotone paint can’t achieve style contrary to photography.
  • Great designs: Wallpapers come with beautiful designs, prints, and intriguing textures, leaving impactful effects on the décor in your room.
  • Wide variety: They come in a dazzling range of designs with incredible selections of attractive impact like glitter and pearl, suede, raised inks, foils, beads, and gels. They also feature natural grass, cloth, and embossed silk texture.
  • Versatile: Designers can create wallpaper looks in any space, and you can apply it on one wall to make it act like a feature wall. 

When customers seek information about whether you can design your wallpaper, you also search for the following information:

  • Custom wallpaper murals
  • Custom wallpaper for phone
  • Making wallpaper from photos
  • Custom wallpaper iPhone
  • Custom wallpaper for computer
  • Custom wallpaper manufacturers
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  • Personalized photo wallpaper Los Angeles

How to Design Your Wallpaper with a photo

In today’s post, Platon Graphics delves into popular advice. Most people are accustomed to getting readymade wallpapers, but it’s pretty simple to create your own. This “How to” guide aids beginner designers like you create wallpapers for your homes.

Why should you choose wallpapers while other materials can serve the same purposes?

wallpaper for You

To answer the question, you’ll need to come up with some of the things most people like. If you were to present someone with two decorative materials, it’d be probable that you prefer items with the following features:

  • Versatile
  • Affordable
  • Easy to install

You can then point out that you won’t just take something simply because it’s attractive. You can take a Beautiful decorating item and find yourselves hiring experts to install the items for you. When the economy isn’t good also, you’ll try to minimize the expenditure as much as you can.

You’ll then consider these factors when buying wallpapers from commercial designers. It’s essential to note there comes a time when your taste is more specific than the regular print at the print shops. What’ll you do to achieve your decorative interests? What happens when you, as the homeowner, have a particular decorative item in mind but you can’t find it on the designer’s premises? Do you have to abandon the whole idea and do with whatever alternative you come across?

Here at Platon Graphics, expert designers are passionate about helping customers establish their dream homes regardless of how unique or eclectic the style is. That’s why they prefer offering the clients the option to upload their preferred image design. In other words, clients have the choice to design their mural wallpapers.

Having said that, how then can you create your dream feature wall and have your favorite wallpaper printed? The following are some of the options of doing it:

  • Wallpaper design: DIY picture collage
  • Wallpaper personalized design: creating a personalized illustration
  • Designing a wallpaper: commissioning an artist

Are you impressed by any of these? Customers can add their orders to their wishlist and press on the button labeled “contact us” and get the latest mural design from the Platon Graphic catalog.

DIY Photo Collage

One of the most prevalent requests wallpaper designers get are clients looking to create their picture collages for their wall. Designing wallpaper using a DIY picture involves choosing your favorite holiday or dating images such as an elephant or any other animal in the jurassic world, or a family Photo and creating personalized statement walls using them.

Another famous personalised wallpaper design option is creating custom photographic walls for the following categories:

  • Commercial space 
  • Retail
  • Corporate headquarters. 

Most people are capable of designing personalised wallpapers using their photos and images right here with Platon Graphics. You only need to upload your favorite photo or just create an impressive or eye-catching collage. If you’re interested in any of these great pieces of wallpapers, add them to your checklist and place an order. The company ships the products to its customers in 2 days upon requests. You only need to note Platon Graphics only makes deliveries during business days. It’s best to place your orders for wall murals in those days.

You need to ensure your images or photos have a high resolution to get the best print production possible. Failure to have proper resolution will result in inferior quality products that may ruin the business.

Picture Collage Wallpaper

Creating a Personalized Image

Creating a Personalized Illustration is suitable for those of you who are more artistically inclined. It’s also perfect for you who are a friend to a budding artist. This option creates a golden opportunity for looking to design your Custom mural wallpaper with the original artistry-a custom ice wallpaper design.

The most popular wallpaper creations are often patterns and murals for the following types of lobby rooms:

  • Nurseries
  • Children’s rooms

You can decorate your rooms with the latest art design by exceptional artists in the mural wallpaper market.

wallpaper with knives

Because Platon Graphics wallpapers are wholly repositionable and removable, this option becomes the best option for experimenting with the decoration of the children’s rooms.

Clients like yourself can update and change your room’s décor as often as you like. Your kids’ rooms can also grow to become even more attractive as the kids grow.

Having illustrations is the best way of striking and adding uniqueness and artistic flair to the home or woodland office space. If you face a chance of creating your own, you mustn’t hesitate to go for your initial decor ideas; photo collage for vinyl wallpapers. Wallpapers also come in different colors, such as red, blue, pink, and gray.

To get everything about these wallpapers, you can contact Platon Graphics via your social media page or seek information through the mail. Customers can review the site of the company and make inquiries about how those wallpapers are textured, crafting materials such as fabrics, as well as the measurements of the available mural wallpapers (calculate in inch). Platon Graphics isn’t simply entrusted to supply you with quality digital printing, quick pivot time, eco friendly printing materials, assist with fulling administration yet in addition at an exceptionally cutthroat cost. Simply search “personalized wallpaper near me” and you’ll think that we are on the main page. Much obliged to you for your advantage in Platon Graphics, we expect to serve you later on ! If you mess up your order placement, you can always edit to ensure whatever wallpaper product you get is of the required dimensions and size.

Commissioning an Artist for Your Murals

Most people would like to create their custom wallpapers with metallic hangers. Most clients, unfortunately, aren’t artistically talented (most homeowners just see artists on the streets). There’s still an option for having a customized bespoke wallpaper for their homes if you are among these clients. Commissioning an artist or an interior designer for the job is an excellent idea, and you can still achieve the specific design for your dream homes.

wallpaper from a picture

This option has been useful for the following category of clients:

  • Wallpaper retailers
  • Corporate clients
  • Homeowners

You can rest assured your walls will be unique and artistic with this option, especially if you’re looking to decorate a full wall mural. While you may not enjoy designing the wallpaper by yourself, you’ll remain with utterly self-defining custom wallpapers.

Alternatively, if you don’t wish to design and commission the artist for the wallpaper custom design, you can check out the hundreds of existing leather wallpapers, Signs illustrations and designs at Platon Graphics and place an order. These expert custom wallpapers designers will be glad to help if you can’t find what you want.

Wallpapers are Great When it comes to enhancing a Room’s Character.

Custom wallpapers are an excellent option when you’re looking to add character to your room. Get a wallpaper from Platon Graphics today!

5 Ways a Wallpaper Display Can Personalize a Room

Wallpapers are among the most striking ways of decorating and personalizing a room. Most homeowners love the artwork. Filling your walls with Poster graphics can motivate you to love artistry as well.

From selecting a montage of favorite colors to creating eye-catching designs from your art, some customized wallpaper ideas will make your room look unique and more personalized.
You may often associate wallpaper graphics with formal areas of a home such as the front entry or dining room.

Why is modern wallpaper so exclusive?

These days, designers have to gather adequate information about what people love most. The following are some of the things you must bear in mind to ensure those wallpapers are pleasing:

  • Fabulous patterns
  • Attractive colors
  • Amazing Fabric wallpaper textures

Combining all these features is good enough to enhance any room, especially for those of you wishing to decorate kids’ rooms. When it comes to the kids’ interests, these features can do fantastic work.

Custom wallpaper isn’t only cool, pretty, and playful: you can also use them to personalize your kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, and kids’ bedrooms. It’ll also help you to motivate and engage family members’ creativity.

Knowing more about how custom personalized customized wallpapers can be beneficial to a room, read how to use wallpaper murals to make your rooms look more personal:

  • Custom wallpaper often reflect your favorite hobbies
  • Wallpapers can feature your favorite shapes and colors
  • Wallpapers provide a canvas for the family’s art
  • Parents can use wallpaper to celebrate your kid’s original artwork
  • Wallpapers stimulate your imagination

Custom Wallpapers Reflect Your Favorite Hobbies & Passions

One of the supreme ways to thrill yourself is to adorn your room with the things you love most. You can personalize your wallpapers with things such as:

  • Animals
  • Robots
  • Butterflies
  • Islands

There’s always a wallpaper type that’ll address an individual. That’s why if you’re looking to surprise your children with wallpapers, for instance, you should consider engaging the Kids in the selection process. Even if you as the parent are the one who’s buying the item, the children are the final beneficiaries, and it’s okay to suggest what they’d prefer. A strong opinion concerning a fascination or a hobby might translate into healthy ideas about custom wallpaper.

Install the wallpaper in the whole room. You can also use the paper to accent only one area in a room. Either way, you can use specialized Wall treatment to exhibit and showcase your preferences and personality.

Wallpaper design tip: If a dramatic wallpaper pattern is too overwhelming for a wall surface, you can opt to use more subtle Paper designs to highlight your coveted crazes. You can choose black-and-white papers as your striking colors pop on walls, creating more drama and interest in the room. It’s possible to get wallpapers for all wall sizes, even those with a height of 6ft.

The white-and-black paper acts as a sophisticated backdrop for the bold, impressive, and colorful skateboards. For a bonus, the wallpapers are durable and can grow with your evolving preferences and tastes for a couple of years. This design is a cost-effective option.

They Can Feature Your Favorite Shapes and Colors

Wallpapers haven’t got a shortage of options. If you like geometric shapes such as stars and triangles, you should consider making the many playful types of wallpaper that combine these shapes and numerical data to create impressive abstract designs and patterns.

Using repeat patterns of the papers can make the paper statement bold, but it’ll still leave a breathing gap for accenting with color pops throughout the room. 

Sometimes separate colors and shapes don’t amuse an individual, especially the wallpapers from pixartprinting. You shouldn’t feel afraid to mix both to give your room an island outlook. There’s a way in which you can combine color and shape schemes to yield exciting results. For instance, you can consider the following options:

  • Paint thick stripes in-ceiling turquoise
  • White and yellow colors contrast with smaller-scale half-moon paper patterns in white and black.

The daring combination outcomes result in playful, eclectic outlooks. Making muralsyourway is the best design to make a room look impressive to the eye.


They Provide a Canvas for the Family’s art

The frames wallpaper from Platon Graphics make great backdrops for hanging Family’s artwork. They also engage you to paint directly in the frames.

Alternatively, you can use the wallpaper as a backdrop where you can frame a family photo wall.

You can rearrange photos and artwork on this simple white-and-black wallpaper. This art offers the room versatility in feel and look. You can also clean it with a sponge to make it easy to remove the mistakes.

There’s still another option of using coloring wallpaper. Making this wallpaper for a room is beneficial due to some reasons such as:

  • The wallpaper is easily removable.
  • It’s reusable paper
  • It can serve as a coloring book.

After coloring everything, you should remove the paper and proceed to stick it on another sheet with the adhesive.

Parents Can Use them to Celebrate Your Kid’s Original Artwork

Modern printing has brought numerous changes to the wallpaper world by offering cost-effective alternatives to expensive hand-blocked wallpaper. Today, you can translate any image or design to a wall covering including children’s artworks. A picture measuring 15cm can speak a lot concerning a child’s art capability, especially if it bears the name of the artist.

They Stimulate One’s Imagination

Regardless of whether the wallpaper reflects a storybook scene, stargazing twilight, or enchanted forest, you can capture an environment’s essence and transport you to the actual place. 

Wallpapers recreate the following settings:

  • Fictional settings
  • Nonfictional settings

In other words, wallpapers are authentic and bold expressions of your unique personalities.

More Can Be Less Depending On Choice of Experts

Platon Graphics wallpaper installation and design experts provide nationwide services in Los Angeles. While Walnut Wallpaper offers similar services to the city clients, they’ve got no physical shop where you can get the wallpaper. As for Platon Graphics, you  can get to their shop physically and select the best wallpaper for your home. This option offers the homeowner a chance to interact with the wallpaper designers and get advice about how to apply the wallpaper before picking the wallpaper design that best matches your homes. Call them today and get a free quote!

Customers can always seek more info concerning custom wallpapers by visiting their site. From the company website, you can get details about the following concerns:

  • Logistics for shipping
  • Application of paper wall murals from start to finish
  • Guide on how to place orders
  • Service area of the company
  • Home applications of wallpapers
  • Available colors for the wallpapers
  • Maintenance tips such as water resistance
  • Wallpaper accessories
  • How they make delivery
  • Other available items such as Posters

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Can you design your wallpaper?

Yes, clients can design their wallpapers. You only need to upload a file of your favorite pictures and images as well as illustrations in the wallpaper.

How long can wallpaper last?

Wallpaper can last up to 15 years and beyond. This feature makes it durable and a cost-effective way of decorating a giant room. Ideally, wallpapers last about three times as long as paints.

What is cheaper, painting or wallpaper?

Generally, paint is cheaper than a wallpaper project. When it comes to durability, wallpaper has a longer lifespan than paint, which makes it cost-effective in decorating a room.

What’re the disadvantages of wallpaper?

Removing old wallpapers to install new ones is a tedious task that requires patience and essential tools to be effective. You can opt to stripe down the wallpaper using stripping tools or chemicals, but you need to take care not to damage the wall.

Design Guide

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