How big can large window decals be?

How big can large window decals be? Well, window decals are one of the most important things to consider when you’re thinking about setting up your home or workspace. The quality and finish of a window decal can make a huge difference in representing your window signage. But there’s one more thing that matters- the size.

Its no wonder that one of the most frequently asked questions about window decals is “How big can large window decals be?” and we can relate to the struggle and hope to help you understand more in this article.

You can choose the best quality of decals and yet they might not accommodate your window space. This is why choosing the right size is very important. So, if you’re curious about the perfect size of window decals for your space, keep reading to find out more.

Different Types of Decals

Before choosing a decal of ideal size, you need to know which adhesive decal you should be going for. Window decals are of different types but not all of them work out for everyone. Ideally there are four types of vinyl decals: clear decals, opaque decals, perforated decals and frosted decals. And each one may use a different type of decal printing technology. Lets’ have a look at what each type offers:

Clear decals

Clear window decals are less popular since they provide no visible background for your windows and you can see them everything from the outside. Despite being see-through, many shop owners prefer this kind of decal. Clear window decals are printed on a transparent vinyl sheet which provides the translucency. A transparent vinyl sheet works best for stores that don’t need much privacy.

Opaque decals

Unlike clear decals, you do get a solid vinyl background for your windows and the view is not see-through at all. Opaque decals are embossed on a white vinyl sheet which provides the smooth surfaces for the design. So, if you want your design in white ink, you can opt for opaque window decals.

Perforated decals

As the name suggests, these are vinyl window decals are printed on vinyl sheets bearing perforations. These vinyl sheets comprise of round perforations that provide a moderate surface. So, you can see through them from inside but the view from outside the glass window is completely blocked. These decals are one of the most popular designs out there since most shop owners prefer using them. A perforated window cling is also quite long-lasting and can last you a few years if given adequate care.

Frosted decals 

Next, we have frosted vinyl window decals which are also quite popular. These decals are printed on a perforated or opaque sheet. The sheets are finished with a frosted varnish which gives the windows a glossy look. If you want something between a clear and opaque decal, frosted ones should be your ultimate choice.

The raw material of frosted decals comes from glass adhesive vinyl which are responsible for the sheer finish. These decals allow you to see bits of the view through the glass surfaces and the rest of the portion remains obscured. So, you get enough light to enter the shop and there’s still enough privacy maintained. Frosted decals are probably the most long-lasting decals out there. Thus, if you’re looking for something that will not need frequent maintenance or changes, this is exactly what you should go for.

Which Window Decal is Right for Me?  

When there are so many types of decals, it’s natural to get confused which one to pick. There’s no point of buying a decal if it doesn’t meet your requirements. If you’re wondering which decal type you should go for, have a look at some of these points- 

  1. Choose a clear decal if you want customers to view your shop through the glass. Clear window clings are perfect if you have fancy decorations inside your shop and you want people to have a look at it from outside. A static cling works well in these cases as well.
  2. Pick an opaque decal if you want to have a solid white background for your window and if you don’t want people to view your interior from outside the glass. You can pick a static cling in this situation as well.
  3. You can also choose a perforated decal with rounded corners if you want to maintain some privacy within your shop. The best part about perforated decals is that you can see what’s happening from inside but no one can view your shop from outside through the glass. 
  4.  If you want moderate privacy but you want your window stickers to be artistic and beautiful, try going for the frosted ones. The frosted one makes your window glass look glossy and sheer but it also provides enough light and concealment. 
  5. If you’re looking for temporary options for your car windows, pick window clings preferably static clings. Static clings are reusable and work with any kind of glass surface. You can also order custom window clings if you want something specific for your window shoppers.

Tips for Designing Your Decals 

Now that you’ve gained some information about the types of decals, it’s time to start planning how you want to design them. You can’t use a bunch of designs unrelated to each other just for the purpose of covering your windows. A window decal should be sophisticated and pleasant for the eyes. Here are some tips for you to design your decals in the most suitable way- 

Pick a perfect background 

The background of your decal has a key role in clarity. Try choosing perforated or frosted clings for the best background. It is best to avoid a transparent background for customers to see through the vinyl window. Look for a background that will be sheer enough for people to have a look inside but will allow you scope to view the outside through the glass. 

Add bright colors 

Since your main aim is to grab the attention of people passing by your shop, it’s always a great idea to create something with fun colors. Choose bright and vivid colors that work well with the surroundings and are related with your venture. Opting for brilliant colors for a static cling will easily grasp the attention of customers from outside.  

Use enough light sources 

Lighting is an important factor for window clings as it can make a lot of difference. If your store is not exposed to very good amount of light, the customers might face difficulty reading the printed words. So, try using spotlights or additional highlights for your window clings for maximum sharpness of the printed text. 

Choose the perfect size 

Size is definitely a big factor when it comes to a window decal. You don’t want your window clings to be too short or too big. If it’s too small, no one can have a proper look at it, and if it’s too big it can make it difficult for people to view it properly. So, choose the size that will look perfect on your window based on the measurements of the glass surface. You can even order custom window decals and window clings from different leading brands.

How big can large sized window decals be? 

When you’re done sorting out the type and necessary aspects of your window decal, it’s time to pick the size. Choosing the right size of decals can be very difficult especially if you’ve never bought one for your store before. Here’s how you can pick the perfect size for your decals- 

Picking a window decal size depends on the size of your window. The maximum size for a decal or window cling is 18 x 12 inches. However, it’s a great idea to take accurate measurements of your window or entrance door beforehand. 

Start by taking measurements of your entire window space. Next, take a few blank papers to create a layout within the space of your window where you want to put up the decals. In order to ensure a smooth and even fit, leave around 1 inch of gap between the window edges and the border of the window cling. This gap will not only provide a uniform fit but also help in blocking any damage from continuous movement.  Make sure to smooth out the window stickers to eliminate any possible air bubbles from attaching to the cling side. Many brands take orders for custom window decals based on your window measurements.

Significance of Large Sized Custom Window Decals 

Many shop owners are choosing wide window decals nowadays. So, why are large sized window stickers so significant? 

You can attract customers from a distant area when you have large decals on your window or storefront. A large sized window decal also provides a more professional and striking appearance than smaller ones. If you’re promoting an ongoing sale or if you want to highlight your special products, a large sized window decal can assist you in the best way possible. You can use a custom window decal or static cling to accommodate your storefront or window for best results.

Besides, a large sized window decal can help you achieve the privacy that you’d want for your store. When you have a large window cling, no matter what your background is, you can keep it hidden from the outside view. This is a convenient option for office, beauty salons, medical offices, spas, stores for toiletries and feminine products etc.  

How large can pictures for decals be? 

After you’ve chosen the size of decals for your window or storefront, you need to select the size of your images. Usually, image sizes depend on how sharp you want them to be. If you want maximum clarity, we recommend going for at least 300 DPI for each image. With this size of image, anyone passing by your shape will be able to view the exact resolution of the design. 

So, size of the picture also matters a lot along with the size of the decals. If you’re still unsure, go for brands that take orders for custom window decals or a window cling.

What Colors Are Best for Decals? 

You can choose a wide range of colors for your decals but there are some specific colors that will stand out best. Besides, the color of your decals also has a role in enhancing your designs and the inscribed words, so you need to choose colors that can provide good deal of clarity. Here are some things you need to consider before choosing colors of your decals-

Choose colors depending on the background

Background plays an important role in choosing the colors for your decals. If you want to have a lot of colors on your decals, choosing a solid background or preferably opaque decals is the best idea.

Opaque decals provide a light background which can accommodate lots of fun colors and a bold lettering as well. You don’t need a contrast with opaque decals so you can opt for darker colors as much as possible.

However, if you want your decals to be on a colorful background, that won’t be an issue either. Just keep the decal colors less vivid than the solid background color and the text preferably white.  You can choose brands that design custom window decals for the best color contrast.

Make sure the lettering is readable

The best way to use a variety of colors to highlight your printed decals and still make a text stand out among them is to pick white color for your text. White text has high readability no matter how bright your decal color is. No matter how many color variations are going on the decal and how many designs you’re putting up in a single window, white text always works.

If you’re not comfortable with white, we recommend going for yellow text color. Yellow will be easily readable in different backgrounds but make sure that there is enough contrast between the lettering and window shadow.

If you’re a fan of black text, then it is a good idea to opt for clear wall decals. Black text also works well in indoor store spaces rather than the outdoor spaces of your office. You also need to make sure that there is enough contrast within the space for the black text to be clearly visible. Choosing custom window decals can help you obtain the best lettering for your windows.

Text colors like blue, green or red don’t work with clear wall decals and can get hidden among the vivid colors of decals, so it’s best to avoid such colors for lettering.

Benefits of Window Decals

Since we’re talking about window decals, it’s important to know why these decals hold so much significance.

Exhibits Brand Marketing

A window decal represents your workspace or your home. When you have a shop, you definitely want it to be noticed. The key is to highlight your shop or workspace among the hundreds of stores in the same line. This is where window decals come in the picture. Window decals truly represent what your business is about. It helps in improving your marketing strategy and is a great way to grasp all the attention in the street. By incorporating the right sign and logo through decals, you can easily promote your business.

 Simple and Inexpensive

Window decals are the simplest tools you can install for reinforcing your brand. They are easy to apply and don’t need a lot of maintenance. Besides, they’re the cheapest tools you can ever find for advertising. And the best part is- they’re easily removable! You don’t have to worry about scraping them like you would with a paint or spray design. Opting for window decals gives you the opportunity to explore more unique designs whenever you want a fresh start. You can change your window clings every season, every holiday and the whole process will still be pretty inexpensive. Besides, there’s no hard work involved to install them. You can simply peel them off and that’s it!

Boosts Business Promotion

You can use window clings and decals as a means of highlighting special offers and freshly launched products. This is particularly important when you’re trying to boost your venture. Customers love to explore shops when they see highlighted specials in the form of window signage and this is how you can use window clings and decals with an inside glass to promote your business. Usually if you put up custom window stickers with an inside glass, it helps out with boosting the publicity. It is an eminent way of letting people know about all the special things happening in your office.

Acts as a Shade

We know how inconvenient it can be when the sun is too strong in the middle of the day and your store can get quite hot. Instead of putting up blinds to cover your store, you can simply opt for decals with an inside glass on a large surface. You can use different unique designs of static clings and decals that will help block the sun and protect the inside of your store or even your car.

In this way, window clings and decals serve a wide range of functions- from promoting your business to protecting your store from the sun and so on. Try switching from a traditional painted sign to these graphics and you’ll see the difference yourself.


Is white vinyl a good material for decals?

Yes, white vinyl provides a glossy and smooth surface for window clings and decals. Since white ink works with different designs, it can be used as an ideal color for a sign or logo. It is easily removable and you can simply peel the window sticker similar to face masks. Moreover, white vinyl has a gloss and sheer finish that works best for permanent advertising within the business hours.

What is the benefit of two-sided decal option?

Double sided window decals portray the sign on both sides of the window surface. These decals are suitable for viewing both from both sides of the glass. Usually, these decals contain important messages like “enter” or “exit” which helps to guide people both inside and outside the window.

What decal is best for tinted windows?

For tinted windows, you might have to choose decals that work well with the surface contrast. If your windows have a dark tint like grey or black, opt for soothing and lighter colors for the decals. White ink text will be highly readable in this situation.

Final Words

Window decals comes in many types, colors and sizes. The challenge is choosing the decal that works best for you and your business store.

Hopefully, our informative guide was of help and now you know how big large window decals can be.

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