Will Decals Leave Residue on Windows?

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Will Decals Leave Residue on Windows?

Decals and stickers on windows can be fun, but they sometimes leave residue behind on windows. Several factors determine how much residue there will be on the window, including the type of decal used and how long it has been on there.

If you find that you need to remove a decal or sticker from a window, there are a few ways you can try that won’t damage the window.

Removing Decals From Windows

Removing decal and sticker residue is sometimes a frustrating process, but these tips should make it a relatively painless process. It is important to keep in mind how long the decal has been on the window. The longer it has been on, the harder it will be to remove.

The kind of decal will also affect how easy it is to remove. 


Applying heat to the decal will help loosen the adhesive and allow the decal to be removed or scraped off with something like a credit card. 

Hair dryers are an easy way to apply heat to stickers, although you will want to be careful about touching the glass after it has been heated.

Heat the decal for 20-30 seconds and scrape off the deal. Repeat as necessary.

Warm Soapy Water

Warm soapy water also works well to remove decals and residue from windows. Use a bucket with warm soapy water and a sponge. Hold the sponge on the stick for 20-30 seconds and try to remove it.


Another thing that will cut through the adhesive is oils. You can saturate the sticker with vegetable oils, butter, or even peanut butter. After the decal has had time to absorb the oils, you can peel and scrub the decal away.

Rubbing Alcohol

After removing the decals, there may still be some lingering residue on the window. Rubbing alcohol can easily help clean up any leftover residue. Simply wipe away the residue by putting rubbing alcohol on a rag or paper towel.

Decal Residue on Windows – The Bottom Line

Decals leaving residue on windows can be frustrating, but using one of the methods above should make it an easy task to resolve. 

With these methods, it may take a couple of rounds to fully remove the decal, depending on the type and length of time it has been on the window.

So whether you put the decal on and changed your mind or it was done by someone else, it can be removed without too much trouble.

Samantha Hawrylack

Samantha Hawrylack

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