Why Are Construction Sites Fenced Off?

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It’s always exciting when you see a construction site; it means something new is coming to town. But why are construction sites always fenced off, you may ask?

It’s primarily for safety reasons, but the fencing also provides businesses with a marketing opportunity. So why not get the excitement going about your up-and-coming business with eye-catching and engaging signage on the fencing?

Fences Provide a Layer of Safety

First and foremost, construction site fencing is required for safety. It keeps pedestrians and other non-workers out of the area and away from potentially hazardous equipment and conditions. But it also protects the workers, preventing anyone from accidentally driving through a work area. 

Fencing with high visibility makes it clear that it’s an active construction area, and everyone except those authorized to be there should stay out.

Fences Provide Privacy

When something new is being built, it’s only natural for the public to be curious. People walking by may peer in, which can cause distractions putting them at risk. Six to eight-foot fencing with mesh can keep the area clear of anyone that doesn’t belong there while keeping the construction zone safe for construction workers. 

Fences Provide an Opportunity for Marketing

Fencing is an excellent way for construction companies or the company building in the area to advertise. Whether you want to promote your construction company and show off how safe and efficient they are or give consumers a sneak peek at what’s being built, fencing offers the opportunity to advertise your business effectively.

Final Thoughts

Construction sites should always be fenced off for safety, but they serve other purposes too. Fencing is a great way to ensure a site is clear of any dangers and has no distractions, and as a bonus, it offers a way for companies to advertise. 

Samantha Hawrylack

Samantha Hawrylack

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