What Plays an Important Role in Event Branding?

by | Dec 5, 2022 | Banners, Large Format Printing, Signs

Your event branding tells a story. While it should reflect your current branding, event branding should have its own life too. Your event should have a story or message that you want attendees to come away with, which is why event branding is so important.

So what plays a role in event branding? Consider these three factors.

Foundational Elements

Your event needs a name and a theme. It should relate to your existing business name and theme but, again, have its own appearance. Think about what you want to name it and use it across all mediums, including social media, web pages, and print marketing. 

The colors, logos, and themes should be similar to your current branding, but not Identical. Use your logo, of course, but then give the event its own brand and use it consistently through all advertisements.

Online Content

You’ll have the best turnout if you advertise your event online. But again, everything must be consistent, or you’ll confuse your audience and not have the large turnout you wanted. Everything from the event website to ticketing and social media should be a part of your event’s branding. It should get to the point that when someone sees the logo or name, they instantly know what it’s about.

Onsite Branding

Finally, your branding is important at the event itself. Until now, you’ve created branding to garner interest in your event, but the branding should continue at the event itself. The decor, signs, and swag you give away should all reflect the branding.

Final Thoughts

Event branding is the key to a successful event. Your event is an offshoot of your brand, so you want everything to relate, so your audience trusts you. Figure out your brand’s image and story and create everything from that point to make a cohesive plan for a successful event.

Samantha Hawrylack

Samantha Hawrylack

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