What Is Webbing on a Mesh Banner?

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Mesh banners are good for outdoor use, but this puts them at risk of wind and weather damage. Mesh banners provide a viable option, allowing you to advertise outdoors without risking ruining your sign in one windstorm; however, they are best when mesh banner webbing is included.

What Is Mesh Banner Webbing?

Mesh banner webbing is like a hem on the banner edges. The webbing grips the banner’s grommets, stopping them from pulling out of the banner. Webbing is made of strong polyester. The typical webbing is 2 inches and holds 2,900 pounds of tensile strength. You won’t see the webbing; it’s sewn into the hem, giving your banner more strength. 

The Purpose of Webbing

There’s one reason to use webbing – high winds. Even a mesh banner with properly spaced grommets can rip in excessive winds. Adding webbing into the hem reduces the risk of the banner ripping.

It also helps make the banner heavier and harder for anyone to vandalize or steal, which can be n important factor in certain areas, such as construction sites. Common uses of webbing include:

  • In areas of crowd control where the crowd can get unruly and potentially damage the banner
  • Areas with high wind
  • Banners of excessive length

Webbing, D-Rings, and Eyelets Grommets 

Webbing works in conjunction with the eyelet grommets on the sign. While the grommets keep the banner in place, the webbing gives them more strength and helps prevent damage in bad weather or vandalism. Adding more strength to the sign only adds to its longevity.

D-rings are also an important feature with webbing because they give the banner give. D-rings are flexible rings hung on the end of the banner. When high winds occur, the banner won’t rip at the corners with grommets. In addition, the D-rings allow the banner some movement, so it’s likely to last longer.

The Bottom Line

Mesh banner webbing is essential for any banners that will hang outdoors. They help strengthen the banner and keep them safe in high winds and crowds. Inquire about your webbing needs in a mesh banner and enhance your banner’s life.

Samantha Hawrylack

Samantha Hawrylack

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