What Are Window Clings?

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Window clings are simply window stickers that have an adhesive backing. They can be used on glass, plastic, metal, or a variety of other surfaces. As the name suggests, window clings adhere to the glass or other surface with static adhesive instead of an actual adhesive. This means that they don’t need any tools or equipment to be installed; they’re easy to put up and take down and they leave no permanent marks on the surface they cover.

The Material Makes Installation and Removal Easier

Window clings are an inexpensive way to enhance your decorating scheme. They are made out of thin vinyl film that is a solid color. The reason they’re thin is so you can easily repositionable them and use them as decorative pieces outside of your home. The thin vinyl acts as a guide to keep the window clings nice and tight against the window, especially the edge pieces. They can easily be removed and moved from one place to another.

Window clings are a great way to enhance your decorating scheme.

Window Clings vs. Window Decals

When you order your custom vinyl window decals, you will be provided with instructions on how to properly install the decals. You can use scissors or a razor blade to cut the material into strips and then attach these strips to the outside of your windows using tape. If you prefer to trim window clings by hand, you can use your double-sided tape and peel away the paper from one end and place the sticker on the other side of a smooth surface.

Correctly Placing It On the Surface

Usually you would want to position the clings along the top edge of your window (the one nearest the outsidedlight) and then push them down about two inches inside the frame. Then you would push them out about three inches on either side for a nice cleaner look. This ensures that it makes it easy to place and take off.

Tips in Finding the Best Window Cling

What makes window clings effective is their weight since a window cling should not be heavy enough not to move when you push them down or pull them up. It’s important that they stay put for the best results. The most difficult part of creating your own clings is probably waiting until you find the right design and pattern that goes with your exterior decorating theme. It is better to use a window cling as it looks more professional while it sticks to the glass surface of your choice.

Ideal Surfaces to Place Window Clings On

Remember, though, window clings work well on surfaces like vinyl, wood, or concrete, so you may have to buy special adhesive to work on these surfaces and even avoid air bubbles. It can also be used on a tinted window. They are not as slippery as the standard cling film and will not dent the interior of your window in any way. 

Ideal places to put window clings on are your business windows

The designs for such surfaces as a vinyl decal are sure to satisfy your aesthetic needs. However, you can usually find the premade types in your local hardware store or online.

Be Careful Around Alternative Tools

Another tip is if you want to stick some window clings on your windows without worrying about the difficulty or expense of using tools, you could always just use a sharp razor blade and some tape. The trick here is that you don’t want the razor blade to catch the glass surface, since that is what causes the bleeding (overexposure) and air bubbles in surfaces which are especially visible when using these without having the proper tool. 

Be sure to leave a small gap between the razor blade and the glass so you can easily pull out the window cling with your fingertips when you’re done. If you use the latter route, be sure to use a microfiber cloth as well to avoid any fingerprint marks and keep the glass clean.

Make Sure It Fits Your Surfaces Perfectly

When you want to get window clings to stick to the outside or the inside of a window, the first thing to do is to make sure they are the right size. These clings can be very precise, so there’s no getting away from it. If the window clings aren’t the right size, they will either fall off or else hit the glass surface inside and scrape off. If you don’t want to risk your safety, stick to the outside or inside of the window.

Window Clings Come In All Forms Perfect For Your Needs

If you don’t want to go through all of that work or you have a very limited amount of time, you might want to consider just going with a larger selection of window clings to use on your outside walls. You can often find pre-made panels, an opaque window cling and even gel window clings in various sizes that are designed for use on outside walls which are ready to hang. These gel clings and other panels can be found in a premade window decal or even a custom window decal which can come in various colors, but it’s much easier to find a window cling in various colors that will work with your outside decorating scheme.

Purchasing Window Clings

You can find these products online or at your local retail stores like Wal-Mart and Target. If you want a great deal and you live in a warm area that gets lots of sunlight, then you should consider ordering online. You should check with your dealer before making your purchase to make sure that you will be able to use your new product inside.

Check Out the Selection of Window Clings in Your Local Store

Most window clings are printed on a large outside plain paper so they will fit nicely inside your window. This is typically called outside printing or exterior printing. You could also order a custom size material, but you will have to pay more for that. The cost for custom size materials usually includes the shipping and handling fees. If you are getting an outside printing, you probably won’t have to pay that since there are some places that will allow you to order directly from their website.

All in all, you have quite a few options when it comes to creating a custom window cling with a custom size and custom shape. The great part is they come in a variety of colors and can be placed on the outside or the inside depending on what you would like. Clings typically don’t cause a problem because of the static electricity that exists when someone walks by them. The static charge repels the adhesive, so when you remove the graphic from the window you just need to take it off and toss it in the trash. The best way to clean it up is just to wash it in lukewarm water and mild soap.



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