What Are Mesh Banners Used For?

by | Dec 6, 2022 | Banners

You have many options when ordering a banner to advertise your business, including mesh banners. 

You might wonder why you’d consider a mesh banner; how would you advertise on it, right?

It sounds crazy, but mesh banners offer the durability needed for signs to withstand heavy winds, extreme temperature, or heavy weight. 

The Advantages of Mesh Banners

So why consider mesh banners? Here are the top advantages.

  • The mesh consists of hundreds of tiny holes, so you can still clearly see the advertising.
  •  The mesh holes make the banner lighter, so there’s less weight on the supporting poles.
  • Mesh banners last longer outdoors, especially in high winds.
  • The mesh makes the banners less likely to rip or wrinkle in bad weather, allowing the advertisement to remain clear.

Places to Use Mesh Banners Outdoors

Mesh banners are an obvious choice for the outdoors. Here are the most common places they’re used.

  • Sport stadiums
  • Construction sites
  • Fencing
  • Over the street for fairs and festivals
  • On scaffolding

Common Reasons to Use Mesh Banners

While the outdoors is most common for mesh banners, here are the most common reason.:

  • Announce a grand opening
  • Give a sneak peek of what’s coming to a construction area
  • Highlight specific products
  • Backdrops at trade shows or events
  • Promote a large event

Final Thoughts

Mesh banners provide a sturdy way to advertise your business indoors or out. It’s always the preferred material for outdoor marketing but can provide benefits indoors too. If you wonder if mesh banners are suitable for your business, contact us today to discuss your marketing needs so we can help you choose the right option.

Samantha Hawrylack

Samantha Hawrylack

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