What Are Hems and Grommets?

by | Dec 6, 2022 | Banners

After you’ve designed the perfect banner, it’s time to put on the finishing touches. You have a few options to finish your banner, including clean-cut, hems, and pole pockets, but the most common and sturdiest method is hems and grommets.

A Closer Look at Hems

Hems are what strengthen a banner. They are usually a one-inch foldover that we sew to the banner’s backside. Hems help keep the banner sturdy, providing more give when hung, so they don’t rip or wrinkle easily.

A Closer Look at Grommets

Grommets make it easier to hang banners outdoors or from a high height. They are metal rings inserted into the banner to make hanging the banner easier and sturdier. Most grommets are two to three feet apart, but for heavier banners or banners hung outdoors, they may be closer together.

Hems and Grommets Together

If you’re hanging your banner outdoors or with rope or bungee, hems and grommets together provide the ultimate sturdiness. The grommets combined with the hems help keep banners intact when hung outdoors, even in tough wind and rain. In addition, hems and grommets together extend a banner’s life and make your banner look professional.

Final Thoughts

If you’re worried about the integrity of your banner, consider adding hems and grommets. They ensure a banner’s sturdiness and give you more life out of it. Hems make banners look more professional, and grommets keep them sturdy.

Samantha Hawrylack

Samantha Hawrylack

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