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Charles Platon is a business owner from Chicago, Illinois and he is the owner of Platon Graphics in Los Angeles, California local to the South Bay area. It was his father who founded the company back in 1952, and at a young age, Charles was engulfed in the world of photographic printing. Charles loved creating big black and white photos, so he savored every moment he spent creating these masterpieces during his vacation days.Charles Platon - Owner of Platon Graphics - a large format printing company in Los Angeles, CA

He was educated in the art and science of photo technology, understanding the science and premise behind the photography business and the production of the prints. Charles spent plenty of time in the family business, and even went on to spend 10 years working for a company who is well-known for their “1-hour photo” system that skyrocketed to great success during the 1980s.

Charles started at Noritsu as a technician, and was quickly promoted to sales for the company. In 1990, he re-joined forces with his family’s business, helping to make Platon Graphics into the success it is today; manufacturing large-format prints for big companies including Panda Express, The Limited, Burlington Coat Factory, Crate and Barrel, Toyota, Dockers, Mattel, and Guess.

Outside of his business duties, Charles is quite an interesting man. He has one daughter who is currently a college student and resides in the South Bay of California. He is passionate about music, especially John Hiatt and old school jazz. Charles seems to be a well-rounded figure, having the welcoming spirit of a business family from the 50s and the modern age knowledge of the photo industry, when it comes to the success of Platon Graphics he is a true testament to hard work and custom service.

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