How Would You Make Large Format Signage More Effective?

by | Dec 6, 2022 | Banners, Large Format Printing, Signs

Creating large format signs is a great way to get people’s attention near and far; however, there are specific ways to format it to make your signage the most effective. Don’t assume bigger is better without using these simple tips.

1. Don’t Overclutter

With a lot of space, it’s easy to think you need more words or designs – but don’t. This will only overwhelm people reading the sign, and they won’t get the right message. So instead, keep the message and design simple with plenty of clean lines and space so the reader can easily understand the message you’re trying to convey.  

Your simple message should take up the entire width but in a balanced way so that you grab readers’ attention and help them understand your message.

2. Consider Shapes

Large signs don’t have to be rectangular. Fun shapes catch a reader’s eye faster than a traditionally shaped sign. A unique shape adds dimension and will make people look twice rather than pass it by because they know it’s ‘just another sign.’

3. Use Bold Font and Bright Colors 

Choose the most important words on your sign and consider bolding them or writing them in a different color. Consider what would capture the attention of your audience. If you have keywords, emphasize them or make certain words larger than others.

4. Choose the Right Font

The font for your entire sign is important. Don’t choose a font that’s too fancy and unreadable from far away. Remember, the point of a larger sign is to get more people to be able to read it from far away. Choose a simple font that you can easily bold and properly space for the best readability.

5. Consider User Perspective

Remember, larger signs are usually higher, meaning the perspective differs from what they’d see from the ground. Besides keeping the message simple, evaluate how it will look from an angle other than straight ahead. You may find that you use different design techniques for signs that will be placed much higher than ground level.

Final Thoughts

Large signs are a great way to get readers’ attention, but not paying attention to the format, colors, or font can be detrimental. Keep it simple, but portray your message in a way that’s easy to read and eye-catching. You can get much more attention with the right large sign than with a smaller, ground-level sign.

Samantha Hawrylack

Samantha Hawrylack

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