How Long Do Mesh Banners Last?

by | Dec 6, 2022 | Banners

Mesh banners are perfect for outdoor advertising or areas with strong support indoors. They can withstand weather elements and are readable when hung high above the ground. However, since banners are an investment in your business, you might wonder how long they last.

What Are Mesh Banners?

Mesh banners are vinyl banners with a mesh interior. The mesh gives the banner flexibility, especially in high winds, while the exterior vinyl provides water-repelling features. Mesh banners have hundreds of tiny holes throughout the banner, but they don’t affect the printing or visibility of your advertising. The holes allow wind to pass through without the banner wrinkling or ripping.

How Are Mesh Banners Made?

Mesh banners have a layer of scrim or light netting. This mesh is covered with a layer of soft PVC or vinyl for printing. The scrim provides the banner with the necessary strength, and the PVC or vinyl allows you to advertise.

The two materials together provide the steadfastness you need from your banners. The required banner density depends on where you’ll hang the banner. If it is outdoors, you’ll need a lower-density banner with more holes; if indoors, a higher-density banner with fewer holes works best.

How Long Do They Last?

Ideally, mesh banners last a couple of years, but it depends on a few factors, including the following.

  • The climate – Mesh banners can withstand the elements, but the higher the winds or, the more sun exposure the banner gets, the faster it will deteriorate.
  • The quality of mesh – Like any material, the better the mesh, the longer the banner will last.
  • Installation – When installing a mesh banner outdoors, placing it against a solid surface, such as a wall or wood fence, blocks more wind than a chain link fence, making it last longer.
  • Ink quality – The quality of inks used to print the banner will determine how long the advertisements last without cracking or fading from the sun.

Final Thoughts

Mesh banners can stand the test of time and be a good investment in your company’s marketing. Ensure you’re getting the highest quality scrim and vinyl to ensure your mesh banner lasts as long as possible.

Samantha Hawrylack

Samantha Hawrylack

Samantha Hawrylack is an SEO strategist, certified conversion copywriter, and content writer who helps finance and real estate companies increase revenue, leads, traffic and visibility. She is the co-owner and CEO of SJ Digital Solutions LLC, a digital marketing agency located near Philadelphia that specializes in SEO and content creation for finance and real estate brands.

Samantha earned her MBA from West Chester University of Pennsylvania in 2019 and previously worked at Vanguard as a brokerage investment professional. In 2018, she founded the website How To FIRE, which provides information on financial independence and early retirement.

Through her agency SJ Digital Solutions, Samantha and her team have helped over 150 businesses improve their Google search rankings, website traffic, lead generation and customer engagement using their proven SEO and content marketing framework. Her current and past clients include brands like Grow (CNBC + Acorns), Ladders, Quicken Loans, Rocket Mortgage and many others in the personal finance and real estate spaces.

Samantha is a certified Clickworthy Copywriter and has completed the Content Marketing Certification from HubSpot Academy. She has written for major publications like Newsweek and Grow on topics like affording a home and paying off debt. Based in Glenmoore, Pennsylvania, Samantha’s mission is to help finance and real estate companies make a greater impact through increased visibility and revenue.

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