Are Window Clings Permanent- How Long Do They Last?

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Window clings are an excellent way for businesses to decorate or advertise their business without the effects of permanent stickers on the window.

Window clings are not permanent. Window clings use static electricity, which acts as a suction cup to adhere to the window. Since there is no adhesive, they are easily removable. However, this also means they will not last as long as vinyl decals.

If you are interested in using window clings for your business, you may be wondering whether they are worth it.

How Long Do Window Clings Last?

Window clings will last up to about six months, depending on several factors.

  1. How long they are used. If your window cling is used for just a season, it will be possible to use it multiple times if you store it carefully.
  2. Exposure to Sun. If your window cling is sitting in direct sunlight, it is not going to last as long as if it were consistently in the shade. Window clings can attach to glass inside a building or even a vehicle. When running a promotion or sale that requires the window cling to last, it is best to find glass on the interior of the building.
  3. Exposure to dirt/grime. Things like dirt, grime, and grease will get in between your window cling and the glass, causing it to fail. In a place where these things are not commonly present, your window cling will last longer.

Benefits of Window Clings

Window clings come with a number of benefits.

  1. Easily removable. Since window clings don’t use adhesive, it is very easy to put them up and take them down. You can easily move them around in a store to different locations.
  2. Reusable. If you create seasonal or promotional window clings for events that will happen multiple times, you will be able to reuse your window clings. These can be taken down and put back up again if stored and maintained properly.
  3. Can be made any size. Window clings can be made to fit almost any size of advertising space.

The Bottom Line

Even though window clings aren’t permanent, you can still get a lot of use out of them. Since they are not permanent, cleanup will be a breeze, and your window will be ready for your next promotion.

Taking care of your window cling and keeping it away from the sun, dirt, grease, and other environmental contaminants will help your window cling stick as long as possible.

If you’re looking for something more permanent for your windows, you will want to check out vinyl decals.

Samantha Hawrylack

Samantha Hawrylack

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