What You Need to Know About Applying a Vinyl Wrap Over Bondo

by | Dec 6, 2022 | Large Format Printing

Cars go through normal wear and tear, often leading to bodywork. If you drive your car a lot or have been in an accident, it needs some body filler to fix the holes and dents the damage creates.

However, bonding doesn’t leave an even surface, even with filler and paint over the bonding. It may look even from far away, but when you add vinyl over the bonding, aka putty, the mixture may need to be smoother, making the vinyl look bumpy if done by an experienced professional.

How to Apply Vinyl Over Bondo

So how do you wrap a car that’s had Bondo? Here are a few simple tricks.

  • Apply a primer Vinyl will not stick to Bondo. You must prime or seal it first. This gives the car a surface the vinyl can adhere to.
  • Sand the filler It’s best to sand the filler down to make an even surface. You can tell if it’s smooth by running your hand over it. If you feel bumps, keep sanding to avoid unsightly spots after applying the vinyl.

With these steps complete, you’re ready to wrap your car. As long as the Bondo is smooth and you prepped the car with primer or sealer, the vinyl will adhere to the car nicely, providing a smooth surface with no imperfections.

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