Promoting your event is a top priority for any business. You need to let your customers and clients know about your event so they can plan accordingly. Using vinyl banners is one of the most effective ways to attract customers and let them know what’s going on at your event. If you are considering outdoor use, this is one of the best ways to get the attention of customers because your banner is right outside their window. No more back and forth thinking about trying to get information from passers by or wondering if someone saw something you posted. Your vinyl banners will allow customers to identify with your message in an instant and let them know what’s going on at your party.

vinyl banners

Strongest, Thinnest Vinyl For Outdoor Use – G7 Double Sided Qualifying Waterproof and fade resistant. This thick-edged vinyl banners will stand up well to all types of weather including sun, wind and rain. Whether it’s a safety sign for an industrial building or a promotion piece for your local store, you can’t always depend on the weather to give you an answer about sales and promotions. When you have a large event happening like a graduation or wedding, you want to make sure that your advertising and marketing materials are durable and will last for the long haul. When you invest in double sided vinyl banners that come equipped with a fabric cover you are getting a durable product that has been printed on one side with a fade resistant UV foil fabric on the reverse.

Affordable. Gotta save money wherever you can, and these vinyl banners are cheap. The materials used in manufacturing them are polyester and a vinyl material that can be printed on. They can be as colorful and eye-catching as any other printed material you could find, but at a lower cost to you. Because they are so affordable you can get started learning how to use them right away. With many pieces being multi-colored you are sure to stand out from your competition and draw attention to your brand when people need a break from the traditional advertisement materials you may be using for your promotion.

Great for Indoor Signage and/or Grommets. As mentioned above, vinyl banners can be printed on both sides with a vinyl fabric cover so they are very durable and ideal for indoor signage and events. Vinyl is also great because it is very easy to clean. If you are promoting a company or special event like a golf tournament, you would want everyone to remember the name of the event, the location, the date and the score. Using these vinyl banners you can easily do this without having to worry about any potential debris or smudges on the surface.

Great for Personal Use and Grommets. Probably one of the more popular uses for these banners is for personal use. They are perfect for hanging around the house or office to celebrate a special occasion or even just as a fun way to let the family know you are happy. You may choose to have them personalized with a special message of thanks to a friend or family member who helped with planning the party. You may choose to have one custom made for yourself so that you can let the world know you are proud of your accomplishment during the graduation ceremony. Whatever the reason, you are sure to be thrilled with the special look of your custom banners will provide.

Double Sided. Vinyl banners can also be used outdoors for advertising, marketing, fundraising or just for fun. These can be used outdoors on your porch, deck, patio, walkway or anywhere you want to advertise or market something. Many companies offer vinyl fence banners that double as advertising banners and can be used at community areas or events. These double sided vinyl pole banners come in a variety of colors, sizes and can even be customized with unique graphics from your company or special event.

Vibrant Colors. When it comes to advertising, vinyl banners and flag products are at the top of the list because they allow you to use the most common uses while advertising. Since these banners can be hung outdoors or indoors, they are also very bright in colors making them perfect for any advertising purpose. You can choose from many different colors including; yellow, orange, red, blue, green, dark green, indigo, neon and pink.

Durable and Heavy- Duty Vinyl Banners. The next time you are considering printing your business’ information on an outdoor banner consider heavy-duty vinyl banners. They are designed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions and stand up to wind, rain, extreme sunlight, heat, snow and ice. Because they are durable and can withstand all sorts of climates and conditions, many businesses choose to use heavy-duty stands to display their messages and advertising.