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A thousand words!

That is the power beautifully designed custom wall murals can bestow on your business or home. Every picture has a story to tell. With the continuous innovations in technology, high-resolution full-color wall-to-wall business murals can tell remarkable stories. And today, custom wall murals are becoming more popular with all types of businesses and they’re trending in the interior design industry.

Platon Graphics offers dazzling custom wall murals to fit any surface and to compliment any environment. Does your corporate office need little personality? Is the décor of your home in need of some love? Reach out to one of our design experts to get a custom wall mural that will refresh any environment.

Much like custom wallpaper, custom wall murals can tell your story. Custom murals are fabulous for office lobbies, hallways, break rooms and meeting areas. Custom wall murals can be used to set a mood and tell your story to your customers. They’re perfect for sharing about their lifestyle and needs. Perhaps they tell the history of the company or where it’s coming from and where it’s going. They can help set the culture of the corporation.

Custom wall murals are perfect for elevating morale or helping new employees and customers understand the history and brand of a company. There also great way to tie into the local community. Hotels often use custom wall murals to tie their hotel into all

the history of the local city. This helps make the hotel feel like a hometown place to stay. Perhaps a restaurant wants to tell its story and the community they serve? They’re also perfect as a backdrop behind a receptionist desk. Platon Graphics isn’t simply entrusted to supply you with quality digital printing, quick pivot time, eco friendly printing materials, assist with fulling administration yet in addition at an exceptionally cutthroat cost. Simply search “custom wall murals near me” and you’ll think that we are on the main page. Much obliged to you for your advantage in Platon Graphics, we expect to serve you later on !

Some of the benefits of custom wall murals for businesses are:

  • Defining your messaging
  • Expressing your company brand
  • Creating an impression in the consumer’s mind
  • Reinforcing your culture
  • Highlighting your products and services
  • Showcasing your corporate story
  • Improving your business aesthetics
  • Raising company morale

Our Custom Wall Murals Guide 

This national geographic museum wall mural was made by Platon Graphics
This mural of all the countries was done by Platon Graphics

You can place your mural inside or outside your office building. Regardless of its location, your custom wall mural is sure to broadcast your business in a clear, unique, and vibrant fashion. How do you create your customized wall mural? The copy below will serve as a guide to help you:

  • Find the optimum mural size
  • Design your custom wall murals
  • Choose the best materials
  • Install your custom wall murals

We’ll help your company make a beautiful brand statement, or beautify your home by imprinting a custom wall mural on any surface you can imagine.

    The Optimum Mural Size

    One of the goals of a custom wall mural is to capture people’s attention. The size of your mural is the first step to achieving your goal. A custom wall mural can be a powerful visual advertisement for your business. It can:

    • Tell a story
    • Grab attention
    • Increase brand recognition

    Our custom wall mural services will provide you with the right tools to ensure your wall mural is unforgettable and readable at-a-glance. We combine well-designed wall graphics with better branding to increase the viability of your mural.

    We use two distinct methods we use to print the size of your mural:

    • Roll-fed printing
    • Flatbed printing

    Roll-Fed Printing

    Roll-Fed Printing is also called web press or web printing. We use this printing technology across many applications. It’s also good for graphic design, sales, and publishing.

    In this process we continuously feed a large sheet of paper through our print equipment. Once the murals are cured with a UV light source, we cut them individually.

    When to Use Roll-Fed Printing

    If what you’re looking for is a wall mural measuring up to 300 feet long and 6 feet wide in a single print, we recommend using the roll-fed printing method.  This ensures one continuous print with no seams, allowing for a smoother look, though it can make for a more difficult installation. We’re happy to give our best recommendations for roll fed custom wall mural prints to avoid possible errors during the installation process.

    This technology is also good for: 

    • Banners
    • Window Clings
    • Wallpaper

    Flatbed Printing

    Flatbed printers emulate the traditional printers used in offices and homes. But the flatbed printer is different because it can produce graphics on more than paper surfaces. The flatbed printers used at Platon Graphics employ UV lights to ensure a completely dry surface. We don’t use wet inks, but the UV light ensures that the print is bonded to the surface as thoroughly as possible. We place custom images on a multitude of materials including:

    • Glass
    • Plastic
    • Alluminum
    • Wood

    The flatbed method requires no drying downtime. It’s also an effective method to use on other types of surfaces.

    When to use flatbed printing

    If you want a smaller mural of up to 18 feet long and 5 feet wide in a single print, we recommend the UV and flatbed printing method. For prints larger than this, we recommend a roll-fed printing method.

    Other Options

    If you’re interested in a custom mural that is much larger than these two sizes, we can print graphics on individual panels. We’ll then organize the panels together to allow you form an interior, exterior, or divider wall. Some of the finishes include matte, glossy, or dry erase laminates.

    Custom murals do not need any physical reinforcements to enhance their integrity and strength. Whatever options you choose, we’ll make sure the colors are vibrant and the job is done right the first time.

    Designing Your Custom Wall Mural

    Now we’ve discussed sizing your custom wall mural, the next step is to create your graphics. Creating a wall mural and perfectly enhancing your business brand isn’t difficult. Start simple! We recommend starting with creating a clear outline of the purpose of your design that aligns with the message of your business or industry. Try to create a design that resonates with your brand. Our job is to translate the design you make into your custom wall mural. There are two steps to make your vision a reality:

    • We review your design
    • You choose and upload your design files

    Design Consultation

    Although we don’t do the actual design work, we’re happy to consult with you to make sure your design translates well to a custom wall mural. Some of the things we’ll help you consider are:

    • Wall dimensions
    • Lighting and color
    • Text and image spacing

    Taking the measurements of your wall seems like an obvious step to consider, but more often than not, people forget to take note of any present curves or spatial elements. All these factors affect the dimensions and in some cases, the tiles overlap of your final mural print. What do you ultimately want your custom wall mural to look like? choosing the right color and lighting to blend with your environment is essential for your mural. Your custom wall mural will shine if it’s balanced aesthetically with the surrounding furniture, wallpaper, wall colors, and plants. We’re happy to work with you to make sure the final product is just right. We’ll need the images and texts to add to your mural. We’ll make your ideas and designs come to life with an actual product you can use on your walls, ceilings and more.

    Choose and Upload Mural files

    Once the consultation process is complete, the next step is to select and upload your texts and images. We follow specific steps to ensure your mural is sharp, resolute, and colorful. These steps include:

    • The design program used
    • The file type
    • The file resolution

    We help in making sure the images you submit are of high-quality so your custom mural comes out perfectly.

    Design Program

    In the design program, you or your designer will help create your images through applications like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. We then send the files you send us to our print department for review. 

    File Type

    In the file type process, we ensure you save the images you create in the right format. It’s easy to upload images in the .jpeg .tiff, .pdf or .esps formats. These formats are also more compatible with our modern digital printers.

    File Resolution

    In the file resolution stage, we ensure your images have an output resolution ranging between 100 and 300 dots per inch. This should be your final resolution. It makes sure your mural quality isn’t compromised. 

    Our Mural File Tip

    For our tip, we discourage you from using online images you found through a Google search. Manipulating online images to make professional murals isn’t easy and the resolution isn’t very good. There are many great stock photo websites that have images that are high resolution.

    Turn a picture of all your family members into a wall mural with Platon Graphics

    -The Best Materials For Your Wall Murals

    The number of materials used to make wall murals are infinite. Technology and digital printing equipment are opening up avenues for mural manipulation. 

    We help you find the right base for your pictures. We also work with you to determine the functional aesthetic sealants and protective elements for your mural. Our goal is to create a bright, durable, and resilient custom mural. We use two types of materials to make the custom wall murals:

    • Mural media
    • Mural Ink

    Mural Media

    The base material your mural will come on is the media. You’ll find numeral mural media in the market. Each media has its own advantages and disadvantages. The media we recommend for your mural include:

    • Cast Vinyl
    • Pre-pasted wallpaper
    • Textured vinyl wallpaper
    • Calendered Vinyl
    • Wall Textile

    Hollywood and Highland had this wall mural designed for their parking garage.

    Cast Vinyl

    Cast vinyl is popular because of its paint looking final appearance. This material is considered premier in the mural manufacturing industry. The material is thin, allowing it to hug the curves and divots on the walls while maintaining resolution and color.

    Pre-pasted Wallpaper

    This is a 210 gram Leed certified pre-pasted wallpaper. This is the old-fashioned wallpaper they’ve been printing on for aeons, but we print on them digitally. It has the nice soft look that people are used to, but it’s not particularly durable. 

    Textured vinyl wallpaper

    This is a 21 ounce heavy duty vinyl wallpaper designed for heavy traffic areas. The texture comes in a suede that is easy on the eyes, or a canvas texture. 

    Calendered Vinyl

    Calendared is the cousin of the cast vinyl. It’s thicker and denser than cast vinyl, but they both share the same adhesion properties and color. This material used to be used for placement on smooth surfaces and longer interior walls. We no longer recommend this as there are much better materials.

    Wall Textile

    Wall textile is a vinyl coated textile with a repositionable adhesive on the back. It has a soft cloth texture, and the ability to remove it and place it elsewhere can be attractive if you’re leasing or renting. 

    This wall mural shows important events during the war years

    Exterior Wall Murals

    If your mural is an external one, you should consider your substrates. Different walls will support different substrates. If your exterior wall is concrete, brick, or stone, use matching laminates and unique substrates to protect your mural from harsh weather conditions.

    Mural Ink

    Two of the most compatible inks used to make custom wall murals include:

    • Eco-solvent ink
    • UV-Curable ink
    • Latex ink

    Eco-Solvent Ink

    We do not use solvent type ink of any type, including solvent inks. This is because although most of the solvent in the inks evaporates immediately, approximately 30% of it soaks into the substrate and will evaporate slowly out of the substrate for days or weeks into your home or business.

    UV-Curable Ink

    This is the only type of ink we use. This type of ink will seep into your mural and interact with the fibers of the base substrate. Depending on your substrate, this will leave your mural with a different finish and sheen. UV curable inks also bonds with the mural to give you a clear image and a long-lasting mural. This ink is a complement to the flatbed printing process. The UV technology on the ink cures almost instantly. You can also use the ink on nearly all surfaces. It’s a very green and ecology-friendly method. 

    Latex Ink

    This is the newest ink technology. Latex ink is water-based and offers the largest color gamut and highest resolution of the printing technologies. 

    This art was turned into wall murals made by Platon Graphics was put into a museum

    Installing Your Wall Murals

    Once you have your custom wall mural, what is remaining is the installation process. What should you do? Lucky for you, the installation process is easy and straightforward. 

    Your team can install your graphics within a few hours. You can also hire us to complete the creation of your custom wall mural process. We want to help you bring your space to life.

    The installation steps you should follow are:

    • Wall preparation
    • Mural preparation
    • Liner removal
    • Removing creases
    • Sealant application

    Wall Preparation

    We start the installation process by preparing your wall. We do this by wiping down your wall with a dry clean cloth. Wiping removes any dirt or dust on the wall. Remember to check the corners where most of the dust residue resides.

    Mural Preparation

    After cleaning the wall, we prepare your mural by placing it down next to the wall. The image should face downwards, and the area should be clear. If your mural is a tile mural, arrange the tiles on the floor in their mounting order.

    Liner Removal

    Then we start to peel back the protective lining of the mural from the adhesive slowly. Once the adhesive is gone, we start the mounting process. We apply the panels or the mural neatly to the wall by using pressure with a hard plastic squeegee to stick the adhesive to the wall.

    Removing Air Bubbles

    To remove the air bubbles on the mural, we start from the center of the image and squeege out to the right, left, upwards and downwards. Applying pressure and swiping smoothly will remove any present air bubbles.

    Sealant Application

    With today’s technology, we no longer apply sealants. 

    You can contact us to help you install your mural. 

    This wallpaper done by Platon Graphics in the museum attracts customers with its vibrant pictures
    This Mexico now art was turned into a mural by Platon Graphics

    After spending a significant amount of time creating your custom wall mural, you want to ensure it lasts for an extended period. 

    Proper maintenance will keep your mural brand productive and appealing for an extended period of time. All you have to do is maintain a simple cleaning routine.

    Your custom mural cleaning routine:

    • Use a lint-free cloth to wipe your mural after a few months
    • Use water and mild soap to make the cloth wet
    • Don’t use harsh chemicals, products with petroleum, or bleach
    • Always start at the top edges of the mural and move towards the bottom. Use clean and even strokes. Only use your hands when washing your murals.
    • Don’t get any water or soap between the image seams. If this happens, your mural tiles might curl and eventually peel.
    • To dry your mural, use another lint-free cloth.
    • Only use soap and water to clean your mural if it’s laminated regularly. 
    • If your mural has stains, start cleaning with a citrus-based cleaner. Even firm strokes will remove the stains. 
    • Once the stain is gone, clean the area with soap and water immediately with a different cloth. 

      Custom Wall Mural Lifespan



       This vibrant beach with clouds picture was turned into a wall mural by Platon Graphics
      This fashion mural was made by Platon Graphics
      This identify mural was done by Platon Graphics and put on a wall

      Custom Wall Murals

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